LF HID to T5577 clone help

As promised in my introduction it’s time to start up some threads and get some help with these things I’m trying to do… ( @Pilgrimsmaster I hope you’ve parked yourself on that charging coil Champ, you might be busy moderating the wild west I’m about to create :wink:)

I’m not really sure exactly where to start with my questions but I have no fear of looking like an idiot so I’ll just start punching keys and posting pictures…


What I’m trying to do on the LF side is clone a HID tag to the proxgrind T5577 card that came with the PM3, this is a test as I don’t have a LF tag installed yet (hopefully in the next few days I’ll have my NExT in). So what I’m asking is first about compatibility and method;

  1. Is cloning this tag to this card even possible
  2. What information specifically needs to be copied from tag to card, and
  3. What steps/commands need to be followed to make it so

I’ll drop the outputs of the tag scan, and card scans below (I know people obfuscate some of the information when doing this sort of thing but I’m not going to, if you can find me from this info… first beers are on me :beers:)

So with these I know I can read both the tag and the card… But that’s about all I know so any and all input is welcome.

My thanks in advance.

Basically the proxmark3 with Iceman firmware is pretty good at giving help at each level. Start with LF then HID then CLONE … it should be obvious from the help menus what to do - provide the hid ID number to the lf hid clone command to write to the T5577 and put it in HID mode.


Thanks Amal, I was tripping myself up looking for a “UID” or “card number” or something labeled like that to copy, but after checking

lf hid clone -help

and seeing the example commands I realised the information i needed was the FC and CN numbers and they were staring me in the face the whole time

lf hid clone -w H10301 --fc xxx --cn xxxx

was what I needed to run. BAM! Tag cloned and confirmed working!

I officially have my first clone under my belt… It’s all sunshine and rainbows and everything works perfectly first time, every time from here on out, yeah?

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