LF Upgrade cause old implant is useless

Hey there fellow Guys who have implants and stuff.

since almost 2 years now ive got something in my hand and i dont use it.
that is bechause im not happy with it.
the range is to short and al i do is to get someone scanning my hand in order to share my phonenumber.
pretty useless and does not work everytime.

so now i really want a new one.

what is the go to implant of my desires?

i want to have a good range so i can get rid of keycard which use RFID or NFC.
best case u can du both so respectively one keycard cause ive got more then my gymcard that i dont want to have with me all the time. if it has an led im fine with it

in the last to years the choice got a bit more so i lost a bit of the view.

so can u recoment me whats currently the one to go for?

thx in advance


What chip is in your keycard and your gym card?

You can use the NXP TagInfo app to find out

the Gymcard is not readable with the app or my iphone11 so i assume its something different
the one keycard i have says mifare desire ev2

i have a cheap rfid and nfc 2in1 usb reader are there any good programms that help?

If it doesn’t read with an iPhone it could be 125khz or just a chipset iPhone doesn’t support. Androids are more ideal for that.

Desfire is not cloneable.

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yeah i think i just go for the xSIID and see if can get some use of it

I don’t think the xSIID is going to give you any better experience than what you currently have. If you want to use a DESFire card as an implant, you’ll need to ask the company if they’re willing to try enrolling your own card in their system.

What implant do you have now? Is it an xNT, a NExT? Do you have screenshots of the full scan area in Taginfo?

if got one from iamrobot i thinks the x3

its not necessary to use desfire just a bigger range so i dont need to rub my hand 5 min againts everything would be good and ill find some use

so xNT or NExT?

Well if you want bigger range you’re going to need a flex implant. You should figure out what you want to accomplish and if the chip can do that before you go ordering stuff. Proper prior planning and all that.

I’d figure out what you would like to do with it first. Since you said you are unable to read the gym card with your phone, it is possibly LF which can be cloned to xEM or NExT.

Would you mind taking a picture of the reader so that we can look up the specs?