Lodestone PICO : Finger magnet fun for everyone

That’s the question I was hoping for! :grin: you get a gold star :star:

It will be possible to compare the following:

  • Amplitude detection (the faintest detectable signal per frequency)
  • Amplitude discrimination ( the smallest detectable change in signal strength per frequency)
  • Frequency discrimination ( the smallest detectable change in frequency for a given amplitude)
  • Temporal discrimination ( fastest detectable changes in signal)

These comparisons will be done with the following assumptions:

  • All mobiles output audio through their USB C the same way (probably mostly true)
  • The emitting devices perform identically (that’s why I made this post)
  • Users proceed to the same tests (the app will take care of that)
  • Users use the device optimally (I mean just get your finger very close to it)

Notice I said “compare” not “measure” as the results will not really have units related to the signal strength.

Ie. I can feel 100Hz at volume 60% with the device.

To be able to put this into quantified units I or someone else will have to characterize the device with a Tesla meter, adjust for the inherent differences in power over the frequency range etc…

Then you would get something like :
I can feel 100Hz at 0.1mT

I might have skipped some things but you get the idea