London’s Calling

Hello all, been a while since I’ve been on here. Dropped into a bit of a black hole learning more of the physical nondestructive entry stuff and currently learning how to re-pin locks but that’s for another time.

Looking at the state of things and wondering about coordinating with the London DEFCON group to meet up in London as we all have generally similar interests and might get more takers with a larger crowd.

I unfortunately am going to need to remove and replace my Walletmor so could liase with anyone wanting an install or similar as well…

Would be interested in meeting some of the KSEC crew as well @KaiCastledine



I am sure that is an interest many of us have on here.

I know @pilgrimsmaster mentioned Bosnian Bill the other day (who has now retired). @DeviantOllam sometimes turns up here.

But I agree that the Defcon folks are probably interested in RFID implants particularly ones suitable for cloning other chips, and they might also like the Vivokey Apex as well.

Oh, and I assume a Clash reference rather than the World service call sign.

Definitely a Clash reference.

Cool, I’ll let a few more people weigh in and then maybe create a poll or something regarding days and times.

If anyone in the UK thinks they have the knowledge and ability to deliver a 30min - 1hr talk about RFID to the DEFCON crowd that might be a nice way to bring the groups together. Otherwise, some beers and messing about with tech would be cool.

I can bring my tool box (Proxmark included) if anyone hasn’t managed to use or see one yet.

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100% interested here.

We’ve recently moved out of london a few months back however happy to travel up for a social/talk etc.

Travel up, you moved down south?

Correct, back to east sussex.

We were purchasing a property there for a new office however the sale went through. Market isn’t great so we’re scouting for a new location between here and London as we speak.