Looking for 2FA Authenticator that unlocks w/ NFC

Hi, just got my xNT and xEM implanted yesterday and this is my first post, officially becoming a (simple) cyborg.

I use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to log in to most websites that support it. E.g. you get 6 digit numbers that are time-based from Google Authenticator. I was looking for an (in my case Android) version of an 2FA code generator that only displays these codes after a third factor, being my NFC implant. So anyone with just my computer can’t login. Anyone with my computer and phone, still can’t log in. Only with all three, you’ll get in.

I’ve looked for a while now, but couldn’t find this in the play store. So my question: does anyone know of a 2FA app for Android that unlocks with NFC? If not, I could put in a feature request with one of the open source 2FA generators.

I look forward to the VivoKey which seems it could become an even better tool to authenticate through. But for now, we’ll have to wait.


Hello CyBro! Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I don’t know of many apps that unlock with NFC… and even Google has removed the NFC option from Smart Unlock (to much chagrin). You are correct though, VivoKey has an OATH (TOTP) applet and Android app that works really well… we are just now waiting to get final steps done with our chip supplier so we can launch the beta program.


I am still getting Vivokey OTP not installed error when trying to Match google authenticator with vivokey as well. It has a way to manually add the key but can’t copy all.

Hmm… there are multiple confusing bits in this sentence. VivoKey OTP is a deployable software applet that can only be installed on the Flex One beta units shipped out to certain people in the private beta program. To use it, you need the VivoKey Authenticator smartphone app, which is separate from the VivoKey app. Google Authenticator is a separate OTP smartphone app that does not work with VivoKey or even NFC if I recall correctly.

If you want to program a new OTP key into your VivoKey OTP applet on your Flex One beta unit, you have to scan the QR code or manually enter the key, then NFC scan your Flex One… it will deposit the key into the internal OTP keychain. Upon subsequent scan it will generate and display codes for all OTP keys stored in the Flex One.