Looking for a lock and an intercom

I’ve been looking for a solution that either works with an existing intercom, or replaces it. In other words, an NFC lock that can be opened with 12V or an intercom with NFC. Of course, I can add an xEM Access Controller v2 but want a cleaner solution that doesn’t need weatherproofing.

Being able to add a compatible doorknob to the system would be nice. But as long as both locks work with the same chip, not being able to manage everything in one place is not a dealbreaker.

Right now, I’ve looked at the Paxton Entry, the Hikvision 2 wire and IP intercoms, and the GeoVision GV-CR1320.

The Paxton would be the hardest to install and it’s somewhat expensive. But it appears to have a dual frequency reader:
Compatible with Paxton, MIFARE® and HID™ 125kHz Proximity tokens, when enabled using Genuine HID Technology™ 125kHz

Hikvision 2 wire systems are meant to replace old intercoms and support 125khz and 13.56mhz card readers. Apparently they support a lot of RFID and NFC tags. But I still have to dig deeper into their documentation. And I don’t like that it’s a Chinese company.

I’m still looking into the details of the GV solution but it appears to be an access control system with an intercom botched on…

Of course, finding a local distributor for these systems and testing the range with a glass vial tag first would be ideal. Once I’m sure that everything will work together, I can start filling my hands with implants…

Does anyone have any experience with these systems? And how good is the range?

Off the top of my head, I can only think of the doorbird thread

but I remember it being $$$ and a modified antenna…

The other 2 you looked at :arrow_double_up: sound pretty viable.

Is that a “buy American made” sentiment?
or a privacy issue?
or a quality issue?

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Privacy and security issue. I could create an additional vlan and firewall as much as possible while keeping phone app functionality. But still…

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I’ve found a few more;

There are two additional chinese companies; Akuvox and Dahua…

And I managed to find a company from the Czech Republic called 2N. The Hikvision unit that I mentioned in my first post appears to be a copy of the 2N IP Verso. I should also note that there are fees associated with the 2N app.

Finally, there’s another brand called “AiPhone” and they are based in Japan. However, their RFID options are basically intercom systems with HID readers bolted on so an additional access controller is required.

So at the end of the day, I’m left with AiPhone, DoorBird, 2N, and Paxton.
I’m still hesitant with some of these products as there are a few that have the door strike relay on the outside unit. 2N has a security relay module to mitigate this, some AiPhone units have the relay on the answering unit or can be used with networked relays, and the Paxton uses a proper access control board. I’m not sure about the DoorBird but their offerings don’t seem to take this into consideration.