Looking for advice

hi everone i am looking to get a couple imlants i am looking for one that i can reprogram to switch betwween two or 3 cards like my reem card and my wrok card stuff like that

Unfortunately there’s a lot of difficult diagnosis and testing that would be necessary for these kinds of cards to be copied to ab implant. Check out;

Could you please provide a little more information.

Do you now what chip each card you want to use has in it.

You can use TagInfo to find that for MOST HF cards and share that here

Is a Reem card a payment card, or something else?

For Low Frequency cards, If there are markings on the outside of the cards, and possibly the card readers may help us to help you…

As Amal mentioned, there isn’t a one card fits all, but depending on exactly what cards you want to use as implants we will do our best to get you set up and running.