Looking for implantable LED

I bought several https://dangerousthings.com/shop/nfc-nails/ and am quite happy with them. However I was looking for an implantable version. I know they make one that glows all the time, but I’d like mine to ONLY light up in the presence of NFC fields. Basically if you took the nfcnails and made it implantable. Any help would be appreciated!.


Technically it’s possible… we could explore a custom job for you to make an nfc nails inlay implantable… it would not be cheap though… probably close to $100 or so… but it can be done.


I don’t mind the money, Im just looking for something under the skin that lights up when exposed to NFC fields. I’m thinking the digit closest to the hand of my left index finger. Doable?

possibly… the width of the device will be quite large… depends on how wide your finger is.

My finger is 11/16ths of an inch at the smallest part. The NFC LED nails fit with a fair amount of space. My only concern is will the LED be visible under the skin?

Come to think of it, one that does the same for RFID would be awesome. One like for NFC, one for RFID, even if it has to be on 2 different fingers.

Unless you have extremely dark skin, like some nilotic groups of South Sudan, then it should not be a problem.

technically every NFC tag is an RFID tag, just one that also complies with an NFC standard. If you mean a 125khz version, then that’s not likely to happen in a flat form factor. The inductor would be too large.

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Sorry for the long times in between replies. Is there one in a cylindrical design? (125khz).
Either way, I definitely want to purchase the first we talked about. Where the NFC lights up(implantable) How do I make payment?

Any word?

Since that would be a custom job, it will have to be explored some time in mid-August… please ping this thread or PM me then so we can try to make something.

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Hello! I am still interested in this! Would you PM me with any details you may need?

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This is now a thing… so it’s on my “to do” list… implantable LEDs.


I’d be really interested in Implantable LEDs too. If you could develop something I’d try to implant it along the pinky side of the hand. Although some muscles do run along the side such as abductor digiti minimi and the palmaris brevis. However if it was a thin strip or xNT sized tag it could probably fit. However it would be useful if you can scan it and it stays lit until you scan it again - sort of like an on/off function

@amal both my wife and I would be interested in implantable LEDs. 13.56 mhz and 125khz

I’ll throw my hand up for this, too. I’d love to have one if this becomes a thing.

it’s in the works guys :slight_smile:


This would indeed be useful and likely win Amal a Nobel prize or two :slight_smile:. All implantable NFC devices are passive, meaning they only function while in the direct presence of a magnetic field. To keep the light on after the reader and field are removed would require either a wired power source (e.g. pacemaker) or somehow harness the tiny electrical field produced by the human body. There has been a little bit if research done on this, and I remember seeing a proposal for a type of active contact lens that pas powered this way, but the energy requirements of even the most efficient LED light would be too much.


What’s the good word? I, too, would be interested.

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Hey Shawn,

Yes stay tuned, they are in the works as it so happens this week. We have been pretty picky about our development efforts the past 6 months, thank you for your patience.



I cant wait! I really want one haha