Looking for suggestions on which implant to start with from the bundle

I’m trying to decide which implant to start with from the Ultimate bundle. I was going to just start with the Spark2 but now I see the Apex is coming out which makes me think I should wait and get that one instead of implanting the Spark 2 now. I basically want to setup access to a couple RFID devices that I’ve confirmed use ISO14443A (at least two of them anyway). I also would like to setup for accessing my computer and am looking to find a compatible RFID lock for my house door. It would be nice to have a NFC URL or digital business card with whatever I go with but not sure which implants do what yet.

The xSIID I see is ISO14443A compatible but i’m not yet familiar with what the NTAG i2C part of it is capable of yet either.

I know i’ve got some research to due yet to understand each chips capabilities but based on my use cases mentioned above and having the bundle with: Spark2, +XM1, NExT and xSSID what one or two chips are suggested for me to get started?

Thanks in advance,

I got my xSIID, NExT, and my Spark 2 all put in at once. If you could only get one put in, I would definitely say the NExT, that way you at least can immediately cover both low frequency and high frequency RFID. You will need the NExT as well if you want to use the xAC that came with your bundle. If you can get two, I would say the NExT and the xSIID. As much as I love my Spark 2, the only thing I really use it for is logging into this forum. The NExT and xSIID are more practical for most people, plus xSIID blinkies. For the NTAG I2C part of the xSIID, you can’t really do much. Since it’s inside of a glass capsule, you can’t make the physical connections to the chip needed to do anything with I2C. The xSIID contains 2KB of memory, but only 888 bytes can be used for normal NDEF data (anything you would do with a phone. Saving contacts, webpage links, etc, is NDEF data). In order to utilize the remaining storage, you would have to write your own program to use the space. The xM1 is useful, but if you’re primarily using your own locks, I would definitely say to wait for that until after the other two. If you are able to use the xM1 for a work badge or something (there’s a bunch of useful threads on the forum about it), I might do that one second, after the NExT.


Thanks for the suggestions. I think that confirms for me to start with the NeXT and maybe the xSIID right away. I have an in-house med professional so I can easily start with one or go for multiple anytime. Thanks for the info on the NTAG I2C info. I may be able to do some coding as I go along but want to start with the easier chip(s) to work with right after implanting.

Thanks again cheers!