Looking for tag

i have cloned a tag with my flipper. the data is as foloing.can i clone it to some implant?
Filetype: Flipper NFC device
Version: 4

Device type can be ISO14443-3A, ISO14443-3B, ISO14443-4A, ISO14443-4B, ISO15693-3, FeliCa, NTAG/Ultralight, Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire, SLIX, ST25TB, EMV

Device type: ISO15693-3

UID is common for all formats

UID: E0 07 C1 4E A8 8E 8F 79

ISO15693-3 specific data

Lock Bits

Lock DSFID: false
Lock AFI: false

i have a slix2 implant. the reader rejects on it but i can’t register my implant to my lock

What lock are you trying to use?

How does it behave when you try to enroll your implant?

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Verisureguardlock. The reader beeps and lights up yellow

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