Looking into my first implant. What's the difference?

What is up everyone. I’m looking into my first implant to tinker with and learn about RFID/NFCs but I am lost about which implant to get and what a NFC is even being used for. I am swaying towards the NEXT Chip because it’s got RFID and NFC and I could do some things like copy my work badge with the RFID but then that’s the ID I have to use for the xEM controller so if I rewrite that RFID, it’ll no longer work with the xEM until I reprogram it with the new ID. Are there controllers for 13.56MHz chips that can be used as controllers for projects? Also what is the difference between the NFC chip in the NEXT over other implants like the SIID, SLX, or M1 Magic? Being new to RFIDs I’m a bit lost of the technical jargon right now and don’t see much benefit of one over the other besides the M1 could be rewritten? At the end of the day, my hope would be to use my implant to replace my 125khz work badge and use the NFC side to unlock my PC and Phone but also to control projects like opening doors, locked cabinets, possibly vehicle doors and maybe ignition on a bike. Sorry for the noob questions, I’m very excited to learn more but can’t find much info on these implants outside of this form.

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TL;DR yeah get a NExT.

NFC is just another form of RFID. We usually distinguish by LF low frequency 125khz (“RFID” note the quotes) and HF high frequency 13.56 mhz (NFC).

NExT is just xNT and xEM.
xSIID is basically just xNT with an LED.
SLX is a special chip you kinda only wanna use if you have locks that require SLX.
M1 Mifare Classic cards with 4 byte IDs are very present, it’s very likely you have used an M1 system before. Magic means you can change the ID, you can clone cards to it. There is no other benefit, except that you can use it with systems that require it.

NExT sounds about right for your usecases. There’s a slight possibility that xEM wont work for your LF card, but I doubt it.

You might wanna get an xM1 too for hotel cards or stuff like that.

The Dangerous Things YouTube channel has quite a lot of info.

I can also recommend the interviews on Amal Graafstras channel.

Unlocking phones is kinda impossible, at least it’s not easy (or not really locked to begin with).

Yeah on a competitors site, but you could just use the xEM if your LF card is an EM.

I guess you know payment conversions exist aswell? :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying back to a question that actually had its own pinned post. I was browsing through all the projects and questions people asked but did not come across the “Which chip should I get?” post. As far as copying my badge, I’m sure it will work being I’ve already copied it with a Keysy fob lol. Kinda sounds like a NExT but with the M1 would be useful and cool but the NExt is what i should get first. That iamrobot relay board is what I would probably want to go with since my 125khz clone will be used for a work badge which changes every now and then.

What are you referring to with payment conversions? Everything I have seen says payments are a no go unless its a closed loop system like a train card or laundromat style payment. Or the bitcoin wallet implant i guess.

Outdated info, we’re converting real payment wristbands and keychains to implants nowadays Payment Device Conversion Service | RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products
Prepaid credit card implants.

I totally agree with Yeka, The NExT Implant will fit your needs perfectly.
It is a great choice and a great first implant.

As you own the xEM Access Controller, you would simply re-enroll your NExT to it when it changes…easy peasy.


As much as I hate recommending IAR products, I think you’re much better off getting an HF access controller.

Changing every now and then is better than having keys, but simply ordering this instead of the xAC means that you’ll never have to think about it again. As it should be as an implantee!

The only things to consider are range and power consumption. Both are worse with HF I believe.

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A touch free payment implant sounds like a cool idea but the fact that you will be planning to take it out from the moment it goes in is a bummer. If the chip could be rewritten for new cards, I would probably really consider that. I’m also in the US so it looks like there’s not even an option for me to use that at the moment. Has anyone ever tried linking their paypal, cashap or venmo account to their chip?

Don’t get me started. :rofl:

PureWrist should be US.

We’re praying that Mastercard allows that some beautiful day.

Yeah it doesnt seem too difficult, I’m just forward thinking where if I would start setting up a homebuilt “smart house” with RFIDs, i would hate to have to reprogram everything if I changed job locations and got a new work badge and reprogrammed my 125khz side.

Yeah it would be cool too see big name companies become early adopters of the tech and allow that to happen.

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How deeply do you wish to learn?

For your work pass if you have cloned it with a keysy then you are probably good to go as the keysy cards are based on the t5577 which is the most common low frequency chip in Dangerous things products. It can pretend to be a lot of different low frequency chips.

If your work access system is based on an Em4x chip (it might be) then you can enroll your work card in your XAC access controller.

If not then if you really want to learn things you could implement an access controller using an off the shelf reader module and an Arduino micro controller.

You might want to check out the improved keyboard wedge thread for an NFC reader that can be used to input your password into a computer.

A different Arduino, and a bit of finagling and you should be able to build an access controller.


In that case use NFC (see above) or centralize control over your access controllers. Perhaps a raspberry pi for the central controller and esp8266 based readers and local relays.

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In this situation, I think you are correct, it is the right tool for the job.

My guess is, that is something Amal my consider stocking as another option in the future


Where is your sense of adventure… Homebrew it, learn Arduino programming and basic electronics and RFID all at the same time. Then release the project on here for all. :unicorn_drunkin_dancing:

Ok, I think I have my next project, an esp8266 reader with a relay that can communicate with a raspberry pi zero W as a central controller.


I mess around with arduinos and raspberry pis so part of my tinkering would be to see how I can work the two techs together. I just started down the rabbit hole of RFIDs recently and can see a whole world of possibilities of microcontrollers and RFIDs doing cool stuff together. Even just implementing already available products with an implant just seems natural. The first thing I thought about were companies that sell firearm safes designed like a shelf or a table or whatever. They open with an RFID fob but all I could think of before was needing to go find my fob or carry it with me in case of an emergency; if you have that chip planted, no need to go looking for it. Or maybe something like a RFID enabled paintball trigger. All kinds of stuff is bouncing aroind my mind now.

That sounds like a cool start to a DIY smart home

Go look at the Improved keyboard wedge thread then.

It is basic, but it is usable.

I’m using Home assistant, and Tasmota already so I have some of that. But adding readers to do things all over the place could be interesting.

So here’s another possible stupid question as I am still learning basics of RFID and NFC, If I write data onto the NFC tag of the NExT chip, say to a website, does that change the ID of the chip? Reason for asking is im thinking about the possibility of using the 13.5mhz side for access control at home but if I write something to it, it shouldn’t change the ID ,right?


Yeah, I think so too