Looking to get a nfc and rfid inplant to unlock home and shed

hi im looking to get a implant in the next month or 3 and i wont it to unlock my dead bolt and a padlock on my shed but iv looked and only can find cheap padlocks that can be ez to pop the face plate off and hit a switch to unlock anyone know of a good nfc or rfid pad lock

i plan to get the XEM and the flexNT

i wont the xem bechus i have a “safe” that uses rfid \

-thanks for all the help

What is the model of safe? DangerousThings currently don’t sell a dual frequency chip.

its a homelite used rfid 125khz iv had it for some time now its a bit old now i with have to go undrill it from wall to tell u the model number but i have to get to work now