Looking to Store Medical Data

Can anybody tell me which would be the better chip implant to get for storing medical information?


First of all: this is my just my opinion, don’t take it as a fact.

Personally I’d get an high frequency chip, so you’ll be able to scan it with a phone.
Any NFC chip with a NDEF partition will work (if I remember correctly, all but the xLed have this functionality). Just be sure to store your medical data as the first record, so it pops up " by default" on most phones.

Keep in mind that:

  • if you want people to scan your hand, you need to let them know: consider wearing a necklace tag with instructions and/or getting a logo with a NFC logo and a “medical data” label or somethIng. And be aware that, since chips are still not that common, all these might be bluntly ignored when it counts.

  • memory storage on your chip is limited: if you want to store your blood type, great; if you need to store a few mb of data you’ll have to upload them somewhere (i.e. dropbox etc) and store a link on your chip.

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What exactly do you want to store? How much data is it? That will be the driving factor.

If you’re just looking to store some plain-text with some information, then the xNT will probably be the best choice. It can store up to 886 characters of ASCII, theoretically.If that’s not enough, or you were hoping to store something else, you may want to get one of the NFC implants with a higher storage. Though honestly, its easy to get around, as you could always the xNT have a link to a pastebin or a google docs with all the information/pictures you want. Sure, the information won’t be “stored” on the chip, but it will be accessible to anybody who scans it and has an internet connection.


You can also put in like multiple records, as long as they fit in the space. Like for our NFC tags, we’ll have like a couple text records, maybe a vcard, and like a couple URLs.

Some scanners and apps just read the 1st record tho so you’d wanna put like the most important record first. Better ones will scan everything tho and give choices on all the data.

Perfect! Thank You!

If you want to just plain-text medical data, then I would go for the xDF2 with 8k storage… much more room to put a giant text record on there.