M1 card for Doorlock

Heeey !!! I just bought a doorlock with 2 M1 card for Keys… I just want to Know Witch implant I need for cloning it ??? Thanks !!!

Assuming that by M1 you mean a Mifare Classic 1k card, you should be able to use either the xM1 implant, or a flexM1. The xM1 is a small glass implant, preloaded into a syringe. It’s much easier to install (can be done by most piercers with some guidance), but the read range isn’t as good, and has issues being read by many door locks.

The flexM1 has much better read range, but it’s larger, and requires more expertise for install. It’s a flat flex-type implant. It’s either installed with an included 4 gauge piercing needle (stick needle in to a certain depth to make the pocket, then slip the implant in), or it can be installed using a scalpel and a dermal elevator.

If you haven’t found an installer in your area, you can look here:

It’s not a perfect map, but it should give you a starting point. Red pins should be able to install a flexM1 or an xM1, while a blue pin can likely just install an xM1.

What’s your model of door lock? You can check here, and see if it’s compatible with an xM1 or a flexM1.

If it’s not listed, it just hasn’t been tested by a forum member.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask away.

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Which door lock?

Can you scan the included fobs with TagInfo and share that?

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Heeeeeey !!! You’re awsome !!! The door lock can be found on Amazon !!! The name is HAIFUAN … sell by HAIFU supply !!! They said that it come with 2 M1 cards … sorry for my english i’m from Québec , Canada… Montréal… I receive my first implan monday Xsiid Green !!! It Will be install by my friend who make some body modification… because the close one from your list is in Toronto I think… its not install yet that i want another one !!! That why a bought this Door lock … to have one chip for it !!! Thanks guys !!!


looks like they are using mifare :slight_smile:

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No problem! Also this forum can do translation…

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Heeeey !!! I just receive my doorlock today !!! It’s installed and work good !!! I’ve bien able to scan the nobs and its à Mifare classic 1k with 14443 type A !!! So what Will be the Best implant to use for cloning it ??? Thank you very much !!!

THIS is a fantastic answer to your question

Ok so that the NEXT chip wont be working ??? That the one i Was looking for … but the Magik M1 is not in stock and doesn’t have any bundel with the Proxmark3 and the Dangerous KBR1 accessories !!! I Will have to wait a bit before i have evrything … I hope it wont take to long for the pieces !!!

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If you have an NTAG216 based chip (fob, card, whatever it doesn’t need to be an implant) then see if you can enroll that as a valid card. You probably need to read the instructions for your lock on how to enroll additional cards.

My door lock works fine with additional NTAG216 chips enrolled.

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