M31 Electronic Safety Question

I’m considering getting a m31 biomagnet, but I do work somewhat often with electromagnetically sensitive componetnts regularly. Is it safe to implant if I’m going to be handling hard drives / floppy disks ?

It’s really difficult to answer that question. How sensitive are the components? It’s like saying “I work with light sensitive materials, can I use your flashlight?” … too many unknowns to even start to answer that question… but I guess I’ll try anyway.

Hard drives and floppy disks are magnetic media, which degrade over time… so a new drive with newly written data will be more resilient to transient fields than, say, a 20 year old drive that was last written to 10 years ago… the signal on those platters is probably so degraded any transient field would probably generate bit errors on the media…

so yeah, who knows ?