M31 Sensing Biomagnet stock in the UK + partner info

Hi, I’m just wondering when the M31 sensing biomagnet will be back in stock?

Also, how do I get it shipped to the UK? will the dangerous things online store be enough, or will I have to use the EU global distributor (which may potentially have issues given that we are unfortunately leaving)

Finally, as an aside, Studio 13 in Southampton shouldn’t be on your partner list any more, I tried to get in touch with them and they don’t do any piercings anymore. My current tattoo artist in Southampton might be willing to though.

Hi there,

Magnets are still under re-development… no ETA at this time.

We do ship globally, however you will pay more for shipping and it will arrive slower. If you want to get things faster you should order from our EU distributor.

Thanks for the note about Studio 13.