Mac Reader/Writer for RFID?

Hello all,

Does anyone know what i can use to read/write the NeXT chip on a Mac?

I have the KBR1 RFID Reader but it just randomly renames desktop files when i scan my chip lol

I’m assuming i can re-write the rfid tag ID?

If i’d be better using a PC feel free to tell me, i’m not an overly precious fan boy :slight_smile:

You might need to define the input device (KBR1) as an HID-keyboard or something like that before it will interpret the UID as text input. I don’t have a Mac handy atm, but maybe somebody with more Mac experience can help you figure it out.



How do i write the the RFID?
Is that possible?

Hmmm, not quite sure what you mean.
That statement doesn’t really make sense.

It communicates using RFID (radio frequency ID)
Do you mean write the UID? (unique ID)
Your NExT has 2 parts to it.
A Low Frequency side (LF) 125khz =xEM
A High Frequency side (HF) 13.56MHz =xNT

The LF side you can rewrite the UID but you would need a special bit of equipment to do so.

The HF you can’t write the UID, but you can write data to it (NDEF), with your phone via NFC.

like these examples

using one of these apps (but I assume you have an iPhone :face_vomiting:, just search the name on the app store :face_vomiting: )
Tag Writer
Tag Info you can’t write with this but it will read all the info on the chip xNT)
NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro

I was going to explain it further, but I think it would be better if you tell us what you want to do with your NExT.
We can then help you much more easily.


That’s the answer I was looking for. I didn’t know what could be done with it.
I’ve been using NFC tools but didn’t understand what part did what.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Just another question…

Regarding re-writing the UID on the LF side. Do you know what equipment I would need to do this?


This page should have the answer to most of your questions on what to use and how.

Or if you’d like something with more flexibility on what it’s capable of, search the forums for Proxmark and see if it’s something you’d have a use for.

Amazing. Thank you!

I work with credit card readers that work with mifar 125k cards as test cards and I’m hoping that I card essentially turn my hand into the test card. :+1:t3:


I don’t know of any credit card readers that operate at 125kHz. What implant do you have/want to get? MIFARE 1k cards operate at HF (13.56MHz) not LF (125kHz). If you want to emulate MIFARE 1k you would need the xM1.


yeah i’ve seen test cards for payment terminals and they are all 13.56MHz


I meant 13.56 my mistake.

I think the easiest was is to ask the CC reader company to add me to the system rather than reprogramming the chip.