Macros and automations

Maybe community members can share automated advanced actions they have done?
The idea is to create a practical library (including how to do it …) for Macros and automations, that other members can also perform, discuss, and get inspired …


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Not sur if this is what you meant but I shared this a while ago for automatic ndef reading on windows: Simple NFC automation on windows startup

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I would suggest you consider the problem in reverse: what kind of automation would you like to achieve with your implants? Then you’ll naturally think of search keywords to plug in the forum’s search box. Like if you were thinking of automating actions on your cellphone with a HF implant, search for “nfc cellphone automatic” and it’ll turn up a bunch of relevant things.

The way you phrase your question, it sounds like you’re looking for something useful to do with your implant. That’s too vague because there are good ideas aplenty for all kind of applications on here, and the threads tend to be a bit of a jungle :slight_smile:

Looking for Ideas for practical uses…

I’ll also share … but I do not remember exactly how I did it,
it was a long time ago,
I will only share the idea.

I tried to combine crypto and the chip …
I created an automation, probably with nfc tools, that when there is a tag reading, it opens the hardware wallet app Ledger live, and enters a password.
It’s probably not good for security … but it was cool.

For this sort of application, you can check out my Tasker script: that’s exactly what it does (that is, scan a dumb NFC chip and type a password in an application with as much “security” as the medium affords):

Crypto is better of course, but when neither the app nor the chip provide it, I reckon that’s as good as it gets. Security through obscurity.

If that can give you ideas.

@anon3825968 hi
Thank you for sharenig…
Can you add a condition, that for a specific app, the device will insert a different password, by recording taps on the phone screen

This way, one chip can enable multiple passwords?

Autoinput has a function to report what’s on the screen (app name, text currently on the screen, that sort of things). You could simply read the screen regularly with it and branch to the correct subsection when you hit a match.