Magnet Fishing and implanted magnets

So will it be dangerous to go magnetfsihing with an implanted magnet? I chattet with a friend, she is starting this kind of hobby, and I thought this would be cool…

This are very strong magentsthey can lift from 240 - 500 kg

Sure just leave your implant in the car

In seriousness, even though it’s a crazy magnet, it’s range still shouldn’t be more than a foot I’d guess
So it’s not like it’s going to grab you from a distance

But if you get inside a foot or even under 6”, the chance of the two becoming one, is pretty severe

And the forces involved I have a feeling skin will yield if you try to pull them apart, assuming initial joining force wasn’t strong enough to literally squeeze it through your skin… which is very possible

You can do it without issue, but the risk is pretty high

I do some Magnet fishing.

my Magnet can grab about 130 kg with something big with lots of surface on it.

the xg3 v2 is no problem at all, even if my skin touches the magnet.

the v1 is a different story. one pole gets attracted, one pole repelled, what pushes the pointy sides to places where they shouldent go…

but if you take care its should not be a problem.

you feel the discomfort and then just can go on distance :smiley:

should not be an issue to try how close you can get.

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That is pretty unexpected

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if i remember later i can make a video.

need to see if its possible since the fresh titan is in the same hand.

if not i can do it in a couple of days.


wozld gloves help

can’t wait to see some clips

The thicker the better… They will keep the magnets separated by a further distance which should help. Still, be careful when first approaching the big magnet and get a feel for the range.

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Maybe these pictures can help until you are able to make a video.

This magnet may not be as strong as a fishing magnet, but it is very strong for its size.

The xG3 V2 pulls equally along its side to the magnet.

The xG3 V1 pulls with one end and the other end try to move away.


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I got close to a friend’s 300 kg and it was kinda unimpressive actually, can’t even feel it at 10-15 cm and even at 2-5cm it’s not painful (m31). As long as you’re careful not to touch it directly it’s ok i guess.

The tricky thing with magnet design is that the pull strength rating kinda means nothing… many magnets designed for lifting heavy weights and such are designed to maximize paramagnetism in metals that span the entire length and width of the magnet, effectively forming a field guide and “completing” the “circuit” magnetically… this why those door holding / securing magnetic bars can hold with so much force but only pull like 500mA to do it… the design takes huge advantage of the metal bar that contacts the magnetic surface. The actual field strength of the magnet itself is quite weak until the metal bar is aligned properly across it and then it will take 3500 pounds of force to separate them.

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What do people with magnets say at the airports?
I guess you can say you have shrapnell or something or is there a better answer?

“I have a magnet implanted in my hand”

To be honest I have walked through a metal detector with a swiss army knife in my pocket and not set it off (back in the 90’s) I wouldn’t mention it unless you set the detector off.


Implanted metal rarely sets off metal detectors, I believe. A few family members have metal from surgeries (my mom has screws and wires in her feet, and my uncle has a titanium plate in his head). They haven’t ever had issues.

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. If it did ever set it off, just tell them. They’d probably search you and maybe x-ray you, but they wouldn’t find anything they could hold you back for.

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I doubt they would x-ray you if it was just a metal detector going off. They would get a hand held detector out and “wand” you. If you tell them where your magnet is they will scan it, and accept that that was what they detected if they find no other spots.

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Modern airport scanners that you put your hands up and the thing whizzes around you are not metal detectors. They don’t even penetrate the skin. They just use millimeter wave radar to look through your clothes to be able to see if you’re carrying any weapons.

As far as actual metal detectors go, a magnet can easily be found by one… But the large type you walk through would have to have its sensitivity turned up so high… probably to the maximum in order to detect such a small amount of metal inside the large area that constitutes the “doorway” you walk through. Handheld metal detector scanners and wands are sometimes pretty good at finding those kind of things… But I’ve never heard of many issues with people at airports simply because actual metal detectors aren’t used anymore with any kind of regularity.

I went through airport security 2 days ago with an xg3 v2 in my hand and had absolutely no issues. If they knew about the magnet, they didn’t say anything.

this is the magnet ftom a friend, i will buy a similar one

what about travelling with a magnetfishing kit.
will it be allowed in the luggage

as promised, here is the Vid.

This is jusst a quick try, vid and audio is fucking bad, but at least you got some sort of vid now.


Impressive! I would not try that with finger implants though. I have some medium sized magnets and they kinda hurt already. That might be PTSD from the time I had a golden one rejecting and it got stuck through the infected scar to my keys… :sweat_smile: worse pain than braking my arm :sweat_smile: . The kind of pain that makes a high pitched sound in your head (148 hours style) :rofl:.