Magnet Implants and Sensitive Electronics

A little backstory, I work in the aerospace field and work closely with sensitive electronics for spacecraft mechanisms. I also have two xG3s, one in each knifes edge. People at work know I have these implants, and someone recently brought up the point that it may not be safe for me to work on certain hardware as my hands contain magnetic fields that could be dangerous to certain things. The xG3 V1 being mostly for sensing isn’t all too strong, so I’m not sure what to think. Basically I am wondering if anyone has any insight on these kinds of things and if this person’s worries are potentially valid. Thanks all!

Highly depends on sensitivity of the devices. INS can have magnetometer inside which is one of the possible sensitive parts but I am unaware of what effect you handling them could have.


I don’t know a whole lot on what kind of stuff goes into a spacecraft or airplane other than the obvious. I agree with @ResetNull though. Pretty much the only thing you might be worried about is sensitive instrumentation that might be affected by a magnet.

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I think they need to be more concerned about static personally. I have accidentally zapped a chip before, but never damaged one with a magnet.


I can’t think of anything that would be greatly affected by a pair of small magnets. Maybe some parts could get magnetized and affect some magnetometers? I can’t think of anything else TBH.

Also, I’ve never damaged anything with ESD but I live in a humid climate so I get be pretty careless without having to worry.