Magnet Implants

Is anyone here an EMT/Paramedic/Medical professional and have a magnet implant in their finger? I was wondering if it interferes with any of the equipment a paramedic would use before i actually get the implant.

i’m not any of those things, but it looks like yes, you need to remove your biomagnet before having an MRI done. not sure about any other procedures though

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I figured for an MRI i was just wondering if the sensors and systems a paramedic uses would be affected by a magnet implant.

Can you let us know what equipment an EMT uses that could be affected by magnetic fields, and we’ll let you know if the strength of the xG3 is anywhere near enough to affect the functions or accuracy of those devices?


The machines i’m worried about are the ECG Monitor, Infusion Pumps and Haemogulcometer. Not sure if it’d mess with those. Also I’m not talking about the xG3, the magnet implants i’m talking about is the Neodymium disk magnets.

Medic here, I don’t think any of the equipment we use would care about a tiny magnet.

All I’ve heard of magnetic fields affecting our stuff, is like way higher magnetic fields affecting the t and r waves in an ecg, like mri level of magnetic fields. So I doubt any effect will happen from an implantable magnet.

However this are just my thoughts on this and not fact. If you want any sort of reliable answer to your question you’d probably be better contacting the equipment manufacturers.


I work in a lab in a hospital. Having magnets does not affect any of the machines or point of care systems I work with.

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Okay that’s a relief. Thanks everyone!

MRI is safe too? I heard that it is not.

tests performed

scroll right to the bottom to read about MRI

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I believe he’s asking about an xG3 magnet though… which I would argue is not worth attempting. I would remove an xG3 before going through an MRI. There are anecdotes about people going through MRI with the old m31 and other 3rd party magnets, with varying results from “it was nothing” to “i thought it was going to rip out of my skin and I had to hold it in place with my other hand to keep it from tearing my hand apart”…

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In fact, I’ve updated the testing page at the very top to include thoughts about the xG3 and an MRI…

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For Shame!!!

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