May be a dumb question?

Hi, don’t want to ask a glaringly obvious thing, but is the apex flex out and is it being sold or is it still in testing as what I take as the official website says?

Thanks in advance

Not a dumb question at all.

It’s available…

Technically it’s not officially released yet so there’s not a lot of support resources for it beyond this forum.

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Not a glaringly obvious thing, because it’s been “soon” for a long time, and it wasn’t announced dramatically

From Amal, if you order it, you’ll get it

He’s just trying to not incur a flood or orders yet I think,

As for testing, it pretty sure it was tested in a few more ways than normal, invoking a physical bending rig…

Amal wouldn’t be shipping it if it wasn’t tested or explicitly stated as an experimental


You have already been answered, I will just throw in my opinion.

The sooner you get it in and get healed, the sooner you can use it and grab / play / test when the new things arrive

Get it now, there are a number of functions already working,

and it is being actively developed at the moment with more things coming.


More things coming - soon™️, you could say