Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 fallowed or watched


I saw that someone wrote a post about people who think they r michrochiped. I have same problem. Pains, mindreading and all problems other r having. I had already stroke and heart op and I had to go to psychiatry
It’s a global problem and someone needs to help us
. It might be done with frequencies . I can hear people talking sometime. Use to be all the time and my every move was monitorised. If many people thinks they r michrochiped or explaining same why no one can do something. Police, cia, governments?


Your problem isn’t that you’re chipped, it’s that you’re crazy. Seek psychiatric help. K thx bye.


@DragonGirl please read this post - http://dngr.us/help


@amal i did but i cant find answer who trust us and who should i talk with



The reason nobody can do anything is that these chips do not exist. There are no chips that can induce the symptoms you are experiencing, thus any attempt to find or remove a “chip” that might be causing the problem will always result in nothing found. Your problem is neurological. Go talk to doctors about your symptoms until you find one that can help… but your problem is not a chip.


And i can filter out audio from someone who makes a clip while they’re talking to them or they’re talking to each other or they’re just in the background harassing them I can filter it out,
I did my
I did some of Myron May’s video

Plus I slowed down his surveillance video in the library and you can see surveillance Video was fake.
My x-ray matched a burst of light that was in Jesse Beltran MRI where his RFID was.
That’s how I found location of area. I’m still looking for it.
I pulled out 3 pieces of what looks like fiber optics in the my ear. Plus a magnet


I know
I have found out what is. It is called v2k and there’s no one that can help me in a moment


Please do not let ANYONE convince you that you are crazy. It sounds like a term called “Gang Stalking”. There are many layers to the program. Please study up on it. Go to You Tube and there are some good tips to help you handle it. You are correct, the program is wide spread and it’s a horrible, horrible thing to deal with. Please take care of yourself. Oftentimes when people jump on these forums and start telling people they are crazy or should have a tin foil hat, they are being paid to do so. Shut them out! As ANYONE who participates in gang stalking on any level are evil and the lowest form of life. Praying for you and wishing you all the best.


Her problem is not neurological. She is a victim of “Gang Stalking”. Please study up and educate yourself before “diagnosing” someone over the Internet


@DragonGirl… Please scroll down under your post. I have made a post for you to let you know what is happening. Bless you


@Amal Not to add to your already heavy workload, but it may be worth while to lock this thread down and maybe enlist the the help of a mod or two to keep the nut jobs from taking over and keep the discussions in the real world. Too many of these “gang stalking” and “v2k” idiots can easily derail the conversation and bury the legitimate RFID modding discussion.


I thought this form was for talking about rfid implants. Keep religions out bible out. I have been stuck with crap inside my ear that i did not ask for. Not the gov, i been telling people its someone close to you. They need access to you and your things. My ex gf did this to me with and for her friends. She has one in her lft ear also. She talks to her friends. I have proof. its just a two way comunictinon device. It is used with pieces of fiber optics for the enrgy weapon that people talk about. I think this is how it work. Certin frequency makes them vibrate which generate heat in the glass then warms that part of body. And bood. Guves yiu high blood pressure when you go to dr ofice .
Differnt freq causes them just to vibrate enough to pixlr_20180118000629936|500x500
Agitate the skin causes to itch. Will cause body to gitter. When put by a legiment or nerve , it sends a shock to that nerve, jolts of shocks slow or fast. All at once when your laying down asleep jolts your body to wke u up from sleep. Makes jaw bite down. SNAP watch out tongue.


U have right it’s a gang stalking
I discovered it myself month ago
But again there’s no one in world willing to help or turn them off
And thank you very much


Those people who harrase me logged on here and messed with my post. This is second time i ligged onto this post to update if there is a way to confirm that i would like to know. I usally prof read and this was messed with.
I been to local FBI 4 x within 2 yrs. The last time they told me they don’t get involved until someone gets hurt.
To break the signal, if you can get ahold of old microwaves and get the inside and sean edges making a box / coffin and a door.out of the same material you conceal yourself inside there and that should break the signal is just like cooking, the microwaves don’t leave the microwave because they are contain.
So if you can contain yourself the microwave can not penetrate thru. That should break signal. They can reconnect but somebody has to be close to you with a dwvice to turn it on


http://dngr.us/help - you don’t have a chip.


i have the same problem and I have tried everything that I can imagine to fix it everyone is just going to tell you to go to a shrink,
if you come up with something other than a description of the problem then you just may have something.
in the mean time you should not make any friends, but be friendly to everyone


I think that this device is in the back of your skull it makes you move around when you fall asleep you know…
…that’s why everyone started looking at you differently
they aren’t just talking to you, the dreams are real


Holy fuck this thread went down hill. None of you are chipped, we currently don’t have the technology to do any of the shit you’re describing.


But the aliens do.


I have something planted in my left ear & right ear. I know who planted them they have a microphone that is connected to my chips they can hear me & I can hear them They keep tract of me all the time. They know what I am doing all the time. I think that they got them at a music store. One of the impants has a microphone & the other a receiver. Their microphone can pick up my signal with a code that they have.