Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 fallowed or watched


Ok look its like this i Dont care what some thank ok if man can look down from space. And see a match head. On matches. Like from 40 years back i thank they can domore then they say four a fax. Now im 51 years old. In 1995 aug 24. I was oparated on. My life defreant four years then i found out about 3 years a go doctors found yes. Peaces of Mattel in my stomach ive got xrays. And cat seances of this and it looks like a chip i dont what it is. ? A
Wash i dead but i no this its thir. When i fell im being tracked or something roung i want some peace of mind A magnet. Placed on my stomach keeps any tbang or any one from any thing it mite be so ya may be im crazy but. I allso no i ant alone in word cuse i all so bellive in E . T. And ive weant to the pollice nothing. Iall so went two the FED nothing but i can tell you this they do hsve the stuf going on. Buy C I A Home land. Ao far so look it up see if im roung ok thanks. Aver one any one you found any tjimg out ya let me no. . crasy word. Like mine at one i use to be in voved in. Some. Lets say. That side of the tracks word my.self


@norashapiro2 i have same problem . U r also target individual. Check out about v2k :frowning:
There’s nothing we can do about it and it’s horrible situation. Don’t go to Police couse they gonna put u in psychiatry


Your right and thats the mistake people make by saying they have a chip in them i don’t think i said that. I usually say i have an RFID Glass Capsule/Cylinder in me that is used a two way communication device.
I dont know how they conect it but i believe the coil acts as mic and speaker just like this

Here is how they pick up the signal for vision from the brain. This clip is from 1999. This is not what cat sees, the cat sees clear. What they show is the signal coming out from brain it distorted because they didnt know how to clean it up, there was no codec/ filter for it then. Now 2018 it had to have been created soon aftrr cause these people who mess with me see pretty dam clear out of my eye to smallest thing to the " I thought I saw something"


Did you know there are prosthetic limbs that move with your brain, still tell its real one to move. Do you know the technology was here for that?
This guy figured out how to get the signal from thebrain to vocal cord. Coming out with voiceless comunication that u can use on cell phone. That means you dont have to move you mouth to talk on phone, brain waves



I know I’m going to regret this.

THe first video…so they pump a bunch of power (from an amplifier) into a coil and it resonates due to the strong magnets. Um, that’s how speakers work. THey have a strong magnet and a coil that mechanically reacts when you put power into the coil. Hard drives use this principal to move the heads to the requried position on the platters. Implants have no power connection, nor do they have a magnet.

As for your second video, first: that poor cat!. Second, this is actually true, they were able to get some sort of image out of the brain…with a ton of electrodes connected directly into the cat’s brain! Do you have electrodes sticking out of your head?

More info on how they did it… they monitored a bunch of cell clusters and had to play the scene over and over again to get what you see in the video. https://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/99legacy/10-15-1999.html

Well good luck… and get some psychiatric help.