Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 fallowed or watched


Plus that was 1999 , software, the right codec,filters have been made soon after that… They see out of my dam eye. I got proof evidents audio … just a certain way to show and to say it to make a believer


Do the people try to turn u on. Like sexual. I’ve been dealing with it and the lady can pick up my feeling and will either walk away or say thatsy mean. Plus I have same problem. Just need to get right Dr. To remove. Most are electronic harasser and need mental help anyways. Pray for u.


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Hey JJ, I hear you… but this shit is like a forest fire… stamp it out in one place, it erupts in another. I’m taking the “controlled burn” approach and letting all this nonsense be consolidated to this one thread. I was regularly having to kill these types of comments in several other threads, but now all the nutjobs just congregate here and my life is much easier. :slight_smile:


That’s a lie


maybe an idea :wink: The people should send a screenshoot from the CHIP ID and then they get unlocked to the board :wink:


No need for electrods. Just like getting an eeg you have a cap on. Well something need to be placed by the visual cortex. Your brain emits the signal out. Its wireless.
Ok look man i am not bull shitting you i am just letting people know about whats out ther and whats happening to me. On group on Facebook targeted individuals international 5000 members

, not sure how many are actually electronically harrased, i am the only one to have cut and removed something each time from ledt.ear. i wouldnt want this to happen to my kids or your its not very nice , it weeds out all friends and family. And it should have never happen. Lost 10years 7 with girl friend who did this to me and just pretended to have some kind of relationship and three years of becoming aware and lost all privacy.
I have a scar on back od head by visual cortex. Maybe there is where RFID is at


Just wanted to post this to those who think they were chipped against their will…


Your Right its a glass, cylindrical RFID tag, a two way communication device.
I been having pieces of different sizes of fiber optic removed from my body. Last one was by my visual cortexr. I though it would b there like the cat.

Just another piece of fiber optic.


I believe it’s the coil inside the RFID the coil wire can act as a mic or speaker so the sound is coming from the coil the talking I remember taking a reel-to-reel apart and playing around with it and made contact with something with my fingers and you can hear the radio coming out of a capacitor or something or coil wire I don’t remember I was small messing with it but I remember hearing the radio come out it wasn’t a radio is just a reel-to-reel so sound can come out of components .


This is a fiber optic

And our brains don’t work on light so what would a fiber optic do? The cat had an array of metal electrodes inserted into it’s brain to read electrical signals. Those signals had to be read over and over again while the cat watched the same thing over and over just to get that grainy image.

Cool video, too bad you don’t show what actually came out. And why wouldn’t you go to an actual Dr for this? And why are you talking about ear wax under the skin (assuming this is your video)?


I have same symptom. Undergoing alot of doctors trying to find my medical findings. Your on to something and i agree your right what is it. Ive been checked mentally and physically. I am stable.