Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched


… sorry I had to…


In fact, insomnia can lead to visual hallucinations.


When did DNA become important? With how large machines are for DNA analysis, do you think they’d be able to turn them into microscopic SOCs that fit in our bodies? You have a lot more faith in government agencies than I do, and I work at one!


can confirm after 72 hours or so your brain will start making shit up


it’s always making shit up… but without proper sleep, the wall built by your foreground consciousness to keep all that shit in check so it’s properly processed within the context of all the other input streaming in from your senses… well, it starts to crumble.


Who have you asked so far? What did they suggest?
Since you know who did it, I assume you went to the police although I doubt they would be able to do anything without any proof.

If “he” hasn’t killed you after 5 years, I don’t think he should be thought of as an immediate threat, so no need to be scared.
I think your best course of action is to go to a doctor and explain your situation, they should be able to help you in whatever form that takes.

tried talking to this dude via facebook messenger… got nutzo… blocked on facebook. just booted from here. the panic all caps writing is a dead giveaway that you are never going to derail that crazy train. If you’re reading this dude, do like I said on Facebook and talk to your doc about getting a proper diagnosis. Treatment is the only way out of this nightmare for you.


Hi Samuel, long time no hear,. You just replied to a 5 year old post, to somebody we haven’t seen it about 2.5 years.

Did you ever try to get some help.
Here is the information again.
I hope it helps.
Good luck


Please help! I’m burning every day. My sexual organs are being aroused. My brain is being tortured they talk to me all day and have buzzing noises in my ears. I can’t sleep. They burn my rectum. Please help

Go see a doc! We can’t help you.

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The symptoms you have described could be various things from an allergy to your laundry soap to hemorrhoids to tinnitus to schizophrenia.

Please go to a doctor, describe your symptoms, and see what they suggest. We are mostly not medical professionals.

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I also work outside with sexy people that never shut up and they bring me tacos and other spicy foods too!


This guy “suffers” also, but caused by a spinal injury


I was chipped unknowingly and without consent and have been being stalked and tortured for the last couple of years. this is the first day ive figured out that its possible to do this to a human. (im a little sheltered) i dont know exactly who what where when and why and im sure posting this isnt smartest way to go but i need help asap.

My question is how can i prove ive been chipped?

How do you know :man_shrugging:

Hey buddy, I could pick your post apart, but you sound desperate for help.

The best help I / we can give you on the internet is the following.

You need to go to a doctor, in person, explain everything you have mentioned here.

They will be in the best position to give you the help and guidance you need.

Do yourself a favour, between now and your doctors visit, do not use the Internet to get any further information, I guarantee you, that you won’t find the answers you are looking for.

When you have finished reading this, Ring and book an appointment, or just go to a doctors office.
Sooner rather than later.

Good luck


I felt them… 1 on each hand 1 behind my ear/neck i have 1 in each foot they vibrate when im being located. please let me know if u can help me or know of someone who can. please ask

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Ive been to the dr and counselor etc several times they think im crazy. Nobody believes me and the ones that do dont know what i should. Hes (the person taking my identity) too smart. This isnt a joke, this is a worst case scenario involving micro chipped and i am desperate for someone smart(er) to help me

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Wow lmao… thanks for the reply.

Implants ALWAYS show up on an x-ray so you could try that but it is highly unlikely you have been “chipped”. Mainly because the chips are used to open doors, unlock your computer, and share links with friends if they scan your chip with their phone if you programmed it to do those things. To read the implants a reader must be within a few centimeters. It is impossible to receive information through an implant and also tracking is not possible. If there are more advanced implants out there then this community would be the first to know and would probably personally install them into ourselves