Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

I may have missed something… So they weren’t a troll? All the forehead microchip and “jesus told me” posts were giving me troll vibes :thinking:

I don’t know if he was a troll or a crazy person. I do wonder if he really got those implants?

And I can just imagine the sort of emails that Michelle and Amal received from this guy…


I’ve been bio hacked against my will!!

You haven’t buddy, you just think you have.

Rather than the internet, you should express these concerns with a doctor.
Your GP would be a good start.

Good luck to you.


There’s a pretty decent picture of someone wearing what appears to be a kippah; with a blue xSIID in their forehead

And while I don’t think they specifically stated they were Jewish, their former username and talks about their location kinda leaned that direction

Could be a photoshop but that seems like quite the effort, and it looked pretty spot on for how xSIIDs look under the skin


It’s a pretty interesting story, they “should” have been in the anti camp from the start if you follow the stereotypes of extremely devout people of religion

But they were rather infatuated with us, and steered into what the common sound bytes of mark or beast are against

They appeared to loose touch or perspective once or twice before the final dive into whatever hell theory last post was

They seemed weirdly prideful or arrogant against the evils of their religion, which I found strange

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pushed / compelled by someone of authority in their their religious community into their about face


Here ya go:


Would you mind sharing this proof?

Is this Richard Nugent from IOTA

thats not how those scans work

Russia had this technology since 1946 for all those uneducated people United States patent one in 1974 Dr SHarp mind control technology using electromagnetic frequencies to control the brain now they have opticgenetics using light to control Neuro transmitters in your brain

no they didnt


Bs look up James Walbert case against electronic herrassment mind control technology because of him there 21 laws against electronic herrassment mind control technology please educate yourself before commenting Russia had a 5g mind control technology back in 1946 and USA had one in 1974 by Dr SHarp there are many types of computer to brain interfaces now including a wireless one using frequency and one using LED light called opticgenetics and nanoparticles can mimic electronic herrassment by moving them with bio photon light

RFID chip in neck and Neuro dust transmitter in right ear causing artificial tenitis V2K technology congnitive speech forced speech and forced voice transformation technology!!


none of that is true

:point_up_2: :point_down:

and also, THIS


Oh boy, it’s been a while…



My friend, your proof shows up on a bunch of stock footage websites. But without the filter and the yellow stuff.


Not how those scans work I gave you a modified version! You sound like your in denial you sound like a gangstalker or someone who is part of the no touch tourchering program cause part of there job is to make you look crazy and deny this technology and basically make you look crazy but we all know why groups of people want to link up on here and take over city’s and groups cause you can bio hack anyone and control people with frequency who ever controls frequency controls the population!!
( Population control) DARPA /CRISPR/HARP/ Brain Initiative OHSU INTEL!!!???

you’re doing a fine job at that all on your own

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