Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Again, buddy … we want you to be safe but this isn’t the right place to get the help you need. If you’re in Ontario try contacting CAMH, ConnexOntario or call 211.

Don’t hurt yourself or try to cut anything out on your own. Reach out to the right people. Unfortunately we cannot help you here.

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Its been nine years since this happend to me thanks for the help wish the where more like u in this world

Mindreading hacking seeing things thinking with other people stalking networks sociopaths did this to me all for my assets i am on the right site

I have went to the police the hospitals the stalkers phone the hospitals you guys are the first people that dont call me nuts

You’re not on the right site. If you read the links provided to you above, you will learn that these things are NOT possible from implants. The technology for that does not exist, especially not from 9 years ago.

Again, please be safe but please seek help elsewhere. We cannot help you.

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I actually have a brain chip. I first found out through my sister. In the beginning when I first found out about it, (whoever can control it), gave me extreme racing thoughts to try to make me go crazy, they succeeded to say the least, until they finally stopped doing it. I now am trying to live my life am forget about the whole thing because I don’t know who I’d go to for removal nor do I have the money right now. But I can’t even live my life in peace, they are making me feel so horrible that I can’t stand it. I look forward to going to sleep, that’s how bad it is. I’m never comfortable. I can’t stand in one place, I feel so antsy, uncomfortable, constantly twitching. I’m trying to keep going with my head up but everything feels so hard to do right now. I bust my ass at work, try to keep my mind off of how bad I feel. Then when I get home I can’t even relax. I can’t engage in conversation because I can’t pay attention to what people say to me. I’ve been smoking weed just to make me feel a little better, it’s not working, at the same time I feel like if I stop I’ll feel worse. And being in my situation I could go to rehab! But the thing is I wouldn’t be smoking every day if I didn’t feel like this! I’m a depressed loser right now and I need someone’s help. If someone who knows about me that can help me, please, I need your help I can’t do this. This is a cry for help.

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Hi there! I’m a writer working on a story about chip implants, and I wonder if you’d be interested in chatting more about your experience? My email is tweexcore@gmail.com. I’m happy to answer any questions before you decide if you’d like to be a part of the story-thanks so much and hope to talk soon! -Laura

@Theone47 - definitely have a read of this thread; http://dngr.us/help

Dude, I already read it and it’s a total load of bull crap. You’re just trying to cover up what’s going on. I need your help.

That response is why I wrote it. We’re done now… bye bye.


I have corrupted rfid implant for 8 months or more trying to get help . want believed me tell doctor he send me to mental health hospital be in two weeks but still voices not gone contacting vdm no help how to get help if now one believe me ?

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Nope. You don’t have some kind of technology causing this. It is a neurologist you need to speak to. Could be a brain chemistry imbalance or some other issue, but there is absolutely no way an RFID implant could be causing any kind of symptoms even close to what you are experiencing.

I here ya I have something going on and I think I have been drugged and implanted with out me knowing and having pain in my leg at first it the pain was in my back and the pain was going up and down my leg the right leg and to this day it’s hurting but doctors won’t tell me nor will they show my x rays !!! Derricksignor is out but I know something is up !! I believe ya!! Man!!

Are there any updates?

I have the same problem where are you from e mail me bladeadam34@gmail.com

Adam, Buddy,
You are looking for the answers in all the wrong places, You will not find what you are looking for in this forum. No matter how many threads you search.

You are not crazy, but you DO have a chemical imbalance in your brain, and only a medical professional will be able to help you.

Seek help my friend, tell them what you told us, there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to trust them and let them help you.
Good luck


I think I could never be a mental health professional. Dealing with someone with that level of reality distortion is something I just can’t do. How do you approach someone with simple logic when their logic system doesn’t work like everybody else’s?


Depending on the situation, sometimes you have to go along with it. I have had to ask “visitors” to step away because they were bothering my patients. My step dad, “caught” animals bothering one of his. Sometime it is restraints that are needed.

Every situation is different, the end goal is the same though of trying to restore chemical imbalance.

Ooh okay, I just understood something from what you just said and from another comment you made about your being in the military: I’m guessing you’re an army medic aren’t you?

I’m asking because up to now, I was under the impression that the “vet” in your nickname was for “veterinarian”. So I was a bit confused as to how you could talk sense to your patients :slight_smile:

Also, aside from the fact that animals usually don’t ask themselves searching questions about chipping, how could a vet’s patient not believe they chipped against their will - because, ironically, THEY are :slight_smile:


Was in, got out, going back in. I was not a medic.

giphy (23) I only know one guy who can do that.