Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

The only conundrum is you are trying to make a weapon to hurt people. Not worried though since it’s clear you have no grasp of what you are asking. You have a lot of learning to do about basic electronics.

@leumas95 said the other thing I was going to say… “5G” cellular is different than “5GHz” wifi. Neither one operates anywhere near the resonant frequency of implants nor do they put out enough power to do the damage you want it to.


Had too think about this for a bit before replying further.

We are a community of people who opt to install RFID and other implants. Surely you see we would not be interested in helping you create an “Order 66” that causes us to be incapacitated?!

If this “project” was feasible (it’s not, above I got part way through pointing out flaws as did @turbo2ltr) we would most certainly not be helping it’s development but working to mitigate it!

I don’t know how this is relevant, Tesla was a genius who contributed much to the world. You are making a seemingly ludicrous attempt at making a weapon to hurt people on mass, specifically people from this community and all the cats, dogs and other animals with this class of technology in them.

In short WTF.

If you are trolling, good job, you put a significant amount of time and effort into this mind fuckery.


Right so first of your drastically confused;

  • 5G is not 5GHZ WiFi

  • Your cousin did not have a 5G router they had a WiFi router with 5GHz band radio

  • deploying something like what you have stated would not be easy or legal, its bordering on terrorism

  • gouverments and conventions have ruled this type of tech illegal in most cases

  • building your own antenna?? If you think that’s expensive try buying a 5G basestation

  • the amount of power you are talking about triangulation would be easy, look for the dip in the power grid…

  • no the chip is not in contact with a nerve, have you ever tried sticking a needle in a nerve (you would pass out)

  • no it would be nothing like taking someone, the worst you will do I piss them off enough to come at you harder…

  • Nikola Tesla was a genius, just by your demeaner and general lack of understanding you have proven we have nothing to worry about from you.

Please don’t :sweat_smile:

Thats nice…

Who’s? Yours? You are trying in theory to create an energy weapon with no idea what you are doing, making major mistakes in basic concepts and illuding to carrying out you “experiment” in a public place on the general public. Thats not science its terrorism.


Oh, that restriction? It gets removed from people when they are bringing value to this community. I’d argue it’s not hindering scientific progress and in fact the opposite is true.

You’ve been told by multiple people here who are very well respected in this community that your hypothesis is flawed and potentially criminal. By continuing to post you are flouting the science and slowing progress by pulling these community members away from their other theories and projects to think on your dead-in-the-water 5G Terrorist Nutjob ideas.


I think it is time to… File this Thread


So much wrong in one sentence :slight_smile:

First of all, it’s MHz not mHz (mega-, not milli-) or mhz (there’s no such unit as a hz)

Secondly, the working frequency of LF tags is 125 kHz, not 135 MHz.

Thirdly, the working frequency of a microwave oven is 2.5 GHz. So yes, no match. But crucially, microwave ovens put out so much power that the field induces eddy currents in anything metallic, which is what kills most chips. If a LED doesn’t light up in a microwave, it’s probably a clear indication that it’s been fried before it even had a chance to try.

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I have one of those! It’s like 10 years old though - I got an Epoc back in the day.

I apologize. As I said earlier, I am fairly new to this and I am still trying to figure things out. Someone commented on the 5G signal being incompatible with the RFID frequency; and you are correct. I saw your comment and was going to reply, but was unable to reply. (Something about the thread being closed or changed; or something.)

That’s the one I really want! I have plans for an Giant robot I just can’t wait to build; and when I get the Epoch, I will use motion capture to train the Epoch. Then I will be able to control the robot with my mind. Unfortunately, I do not have the money right now. Trying to start a business to pay for research and materials. When I get the funds, I will not only buy the Emotiv Epoch, I will commemorate the achievement by getting permanent hair removal with electrolysis where the sensors are. That way I can wear it all the time.

Wow. Been busy with work so I havent really been on for a couple days. But man was this a… interesting thread to read through all at once lol.


quite the rollercoaster :roller_coaster:

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Indeed. I dont have much technical knowledge in this space so im kinda just riding along and… reading absurd rants on the internet is fun. I love when someone is so wrong that its entertaining.

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Has anyone else gotten random messages on Facebook of people trying to get you to help them? Check this out…!

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That’s weird. Is this the only one you’ve received? You did list a link to your Facebook on your DT account page.

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Might wanna blur the contact info

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Did not realize I did that lol. When I get to the office and I’m on my desktop fixing that right away lol.

She was asking for help and referrals. Not only did I refer her to the top rated the psychiatrist in the Denton area, but I also posted on here so other people can reach out to her



I hate to be that guy, but you assume people will reach out with good intentions. What if someone scams a couple grand to remove that chip?

Didn’t want everyone to get upset with me so I blurred it. The way I look at it, I’m not the only one she contacted so someone is sure to rip her off. I’m just in awe that there are so many people out there that think this is remotely possible! She told me that she knows who did it and they did it because they are mad at her… Woman! I know how much it hurt to have my NExT put it! It’s not something that “just happens” :rofl:

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I get contacted multiple times a day, pretty much every day. Mental health services just don’t exist in the USA anymore. We did away with our “loony bins” because of a few bad places that had terrible conditions for some patients, but honestly all we did was close all those places and toss the people out on the street… setting up terrible conditions for 100% of them. Now there are no services for people devolving into schizophrenia. No way to diagnose or treat. Doctors don’t even do a half-decent job of directing their patients toward mental heathcare services to get a proper diagnosis. It’s all just terrible.


It’s so sad honestly. The more I read through this post and see some people that really and truly think they are being controlled or unwillingly chipped. I mean I’m a big believer and the paranormal and aliens, but damn some of these people take it all way too far.

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I’m in NYC, and see it ALL. THE. TIME. Problem is the folks are often dangerous to boot, so helping is risky without training and support.

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