Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Note how shiny, and clean it is for supposedly being implanted


Just to be clear, your saying the thing in the picture you posted is a chip?

Your not saying that it’s a magnet?
Making sure there isn’t a language barrier


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If you are implying there is a foreign object in your knee and in your heart area that you intend to cut out yourself, please please please do not do that. Go to a doctor. If they don’t believe you, talk to every doctor you can until one will look and handle it for you. Do not do that yourself.


Unfortunatly Prison and the psych ward are usually for unrelated instances. If you have been to the ward once you are normally returned there if/when commiting a offence.

Any chance that you arent getting them confused?

If a private doctor confirmed why couldnt he take it out? Hope he’s registered.

I think I have been implanted against my will and I need help because everyone thinks I’m crazy. shendatheresa@gmail.com

Hi @shendatbrown
I am sorry to hear that you are feeling this way.

I am also sorry to say, that as much as we would like to help you here, we simply are unable to.
We are not trained or equipped to do so.

I hope you have somebody you trust that you can explain your situation.
If not, I think visiting a doctor will be the best option for you.

Good luck, and I hope you find the help you need.


I thought glass was visible on Xray.


In theory I’m getting an X-ray in a week, I am really hopeful all 10 of mine are visible in a single X-ray, but 2 are probably directly under my arms bones and ones a flex :-/

Should still be a pretty cool shot of at least 7 glass tags


Bs is possible it be so done to me right now by law enforcement don’t trust any dentist or doctor. I had a bridge put in my mouth so when he was what is basically the same as a root canal he implanted me with a chip they can read your mind see anything you think of old pictures anything and they can talk to you. Zoom in where I had missing to you will see the same chip the have on line the size or rice grain.

I’m sorry to hear this buddy, it is a pity you cant trust a doctor because that is who I would suggest you approach in the first instance.

We would love nothing more than to be able to help you, but I think you are best suited to try discussing this with a friend or family member.


No it’s not. You’re mentally ill, sorry.

@fraggersparks given their aversion to punctuation I think you misunderstood what they were saying.


BS is possible. It (BS) (is being) done to me right now, by law enforcement.

See, he’s saying that Law Enforcement are BSing him. Probably by telling him that he has been chipped and they know what he is thinking.


Nah I think he says LEO have chipped him to bring back memories and monitor his thoughts? It’s pretty hard to understand to be fair.
Bs is possible means he’s saying we’re lying that it’s not possible and he’s having it done to him

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Yes, I was being silly. He is claiming that his dentist chipped him while implanting a bridge, or removing a tooth before installing a bridge (given what I know of dentistry he isn’t even making a lot of sense at this point).

This implant (presumably the tiny black speck on the image of whatever) is capable of reading his thoughts, and “talking to him”.

Law Enforcement must have some incredible technology if this is true, and yet they still can’t solve crimes or even get the right suspect when they are explicitly told who it is.

I enjoy the blurry out of focus and poorly framed X-ray
I can’t even tell 100% that it IS an X-ray let alone what portion of the body it is… but I’m supposed to see something in the rorschach mess

Also if you’re trying to say that black line is a chip.
1 that’s called “mark-up” it’s the apple version of paint… I enjoy the 2 dots from double tapping to zoom in

Also that’s not how X-rays work… next time go with white

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@Unique1225 , If you compare your x-ray to an x-ray with actual implants in it, you will clearly see you have nothing to worry about, you do not have an implant.

I will still suggest you speak to a family member or friend about what you are feeling / thinking
Good luck buddy

So, just to be clear, law enforcement knew you needed a bridge and, secretly, employed your dentist to illegally implant a chip in your mouth during the procedure?

So, 1. How did the cops know you were to have this procedure and 2. Why did your dentist go along with it?

I mean, we all know you can’t sensibly answer these questions. You don’t have an implant. Speak to a doctor or family member and get help

:wink:Thank you

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way

I take it you have found this lump be feel?

A doctor would be the best person to discuss this with.

Why can you not go to a doctor? A doctor would be the best person for you to discuss this with.

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