Midwest meetup🤖 / cyborgs conquer Chicago

@Synthia seemed to be wondering if it was possible to make sure the venue is under 21 friendly.

I assume because drinks were mentioned.

The current plan was for 3floyds I believe,
Which appears to be a brewery…
Their website says 21 and ID for orders containing alcohol

That sort of implies under 21 could be there,
And then some other source of theirs says parent or guardian must be present for under 21, but If your over 18…you’d legally be your own guardian no?

I tried to give them a analog phone call, but too late in the day

Either way, I’m open to alternatives… I just don’t know the lay of the land

Pizza and beer for those of age is all I’m personally looking for… preferably maybe a room we can rent or not get kicked out of it we want to hang for a while
… I don’t think installs will be allowed on site before anyone gets any ideas😂

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Lol if you want installs onsite, I got the bar for you! XD
Last time I was at 3 Floyd’s, I was sonly asked for ID when I got a beer. They didn’t ask for ID when I came in or went on the tour.

Hmm, can anyone confirm that their actual restaurant/bar place is open? Some of the reviews make it sound like it was closed a bit ago, and their website only talks about curbside pickup.

I would definitely be up to alternatives, something accessible via L-train or bus would be nice, as 3floyds is pretty far from Chicago itself (across the border in Munster). I was considering potentially getting to Chicago via alternative means (I can take a shuttle from here to Chicago for $40, saves the issue of driving myself). I’m not ruling it out, I can still find a way to get there (including driving if I have to), but it’d be easier if it were somewhere in Chicago itself.

If we did some kind of casual restaurant/bar, that’d fix the 21 issue, but it would also make hanging out for long periods more of an issue.

I’ve got a few buddies from Chicago, I’ll see if they’ve got any recommendations for places where we could chill for a while while still being able to drink + eat some za.

Hrm didn’t realize it was far from Chicago, (wasn’t my idea)

Sounds like we should look for an alternative

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Yes ! I heard of that. I wanted to meet up but from what I read they’re supposed to meet up and get drinks but I’m not 21 yet :frowning:

Post over in the thread, might find a bar where you don’t need to be 21 to enter.

They said “drinks and pizza” so to me that means somewhere that probably is under 21 friendly, but I asked over there anyway.


Paging resident AI,

You cool with transportalizering the above 3 (or 1 and 3) posts over to the Chicago thread?

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I want everybody to get their drinks! I don’t want to impede on that lmao. If theres something happening after, or if the venue still allows people 21 and under to come then I’ll happily tag along! Thank you for including me in this thread though @Zwack !!!

I’m only a year from being 21 later this month, so close :sob:

Well it sounds like 3floyds isn’t exactly a convenient location anyways…

Random off topic question incoming. Anyone know if there is a guide for installing the Titan magnet geared towards professional installers?

Also is anyone else planning to fly into Chicago?

So I was looking for a new location suggestion


Connie’s Pizza
(312) 326-3443

Appears to have nice pizza, a bar so I assume beer
And decent room depending how many cyborgs or precyborgs we get to show up

How’s this look for train and plane peoples?

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Looks good to me, don’t see any issues with it. I checked their menu, they do indeed have beer by the looks of it, wine too. Pretty close to multiple bus stops, and not far from an L-train station. Looks like an okay amount of parking too, if I do end up driving (or for anyone else driving/renting a car.

Yep I looked to see if parking was a thing, I hate having to deal with parking shenanigans… once a city gets big enough to need managed parking I’m usually out lol

They also look to have decent amount of room inside

This place is lacking pizza, but has tons of beer.

TBH, I plan to consume copius amounts of cannabis when I am there. The beer is all yall. I buy Busch light when I choose my beer. 19 bucks for 24 cans.

I am more of a whiskey fan, and will likely just order that neat or on the rocks.

Long way for me to say, I do not care where yall pick in chicago. I have to drive 6 hours anyways to get there.

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Could always hit up a few different places if needed. Considering people are flying in for it (or driving 6 hours), it would be silly to just hang out at one place anyways IMO. I’m more of a cocktail guy (there’s a few beers I can somewhat stand), and the place you linked looks way better in that regard. They’ve also got ciders on tap :heart_eyes: I do love ciders. It’s also even closer to an L-train station.

It doesn’t have much parking though, which might be a dealbreaker for some.

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I’ll be skipping that portion, both driving back probably, and work stuff

Also it just doesn’t agree with me after 2 hilarious try’s over the years

Realistically, I might buy a single joint, and sip on whiskey after.