Midwest meetup🤖 / cyborgs conquer Chicago

I more than likely wouldn’t be able to make the 19th/20th, that’s the weekend before my wedding and even though I currently have no plans… I know there will be some…thing… or fires to put out

But If it winds up being better for everyone I’ll just be out of luck

Solution: Just invite them all to your wedding. :rofl:

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Cyborg wedding crashers lol

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The wife knows that stun guns will destroy chips now, so be cyborg crushers will be cryborgs lol

So wether we do the 12th or 19th weekend

What do we wanna do?

Where we wanna meet up?

@pupcyber @darkdragon885 @init6 @DrinkABeard @additionaldangerous @D0TSandL1NES

I flipped thru the where are you from and you guys seemed to be in the neighborhood of the regional meet up, figured I’d ping you for a heads up

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I can’t suggest any locations, my time in Chicago has been very limited.
As for things to do, not sure either. Maybe have a speed competition to see who can figure out what kind of chip is in a keyfob and clone it to an implant the fastest using a PM3? Winner gets a free beer? :stuck_out_tongue:
My dad made a lock picking contest box years ago with 4 sides so 4 people can lock pick at the same time. The fastest was able to open the their side of the box and grab the beer inside. What about a regular lock & RFID lock on each of the 4 sides? XD

The “fastest to clone to an implant” sounds pretty fun

Just gotta make sure nobody bricks a chip in the rush 🤦

I think my list so far includes some really good pizza and that’s about it

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Good point lol

I mean. I can open that box the quickest.

I prefer the brute force method.

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Some amendments:
No power tools
No high explosives
Low explosives allowed for 1 round only.

For the explosives, I am going to use my experience of what I have seen in the past.

This is cake yall.

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Jokes on you if the “box” is reactive and labeled 1.1



Sorry i’ve been away for a bit and seeing this now.
Im in if the weather is good and can get motorcycle running (1 car family)
For sure I would hit up 3floyds for a beer. Otherwise not sure the area. Pm me details closer to.


Every time I passed through, I’d always stop for 3Floyds! Definitely have to stop by while I’m up there.

I have no idea what it is, but it’s the best suggestion so far so I’m in

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A brewery with some awesome beer! Not sure about the food, I know drunk me loved it but then again, drunk me will eat anything XD


Paging @nate, come join the party


@Eriequiet I dont know what my work schedule will look like but I can always take time off. I’m definitely interested.

@Eriequiet Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

I’m getting worried omicron is going to be an issue :-/