Mifare classic copy issues

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to copy my student ID to the magic ring. I got the UID of the ring to change, but I’m not having luck transferring all of the other data from the card onto the ring. When I scan my ID with my phone, it says that there are over 1k keys to map, and the Mifare classic tool app has yet to get through the process of copying everything (I’ve tried multiple times, it times out before it can even get close to being done). My campus scanners also have yet to respond to the ring, so I’m guessing I need to actually copy every key onto the ring… problem is, I don’t know how to go about that given that there are so many keys, and that I have yet to get my proxmark or my phone to access those keys. Help?

Thanks ahead of time.

Hmmmmm, Is your card definitely a Mifare 1k or is it a 4k or other?
How many bytes is your (N)UID?
4 bytes 01:02:03:04
7 bytes 01:02:03:04:05:06:07

Did you follow these videos?

Can you share a TagInfo report? Obfuscate your UID for security if you like.

Do you happen to have a Proxmar3 also?