Mifare Desfire ev1 Card money Hack

Hello my dear hackers. I have one question and I very much hope that I get the answer to that question. You can tell me how to write money in mifare desfire ev1. please send me tutorial

card info : http://www.picz.ge/img/s2/1912/11/0/087e098ecff9.png

It’s super easy. You can’t.


I need a method on how to write money on a card <3

Did you read the article in the link? It explains everything.


I have read the article but have not found how to write money on the card. can you send me another tutorial

If you read the article, you would know that it is not possible to “write money” to an ev1. There is no tutorial.
What exactly are you hoping to do? What money do you want to write to it? Where is this money coming from? What currency is it? How do you plan to spend it? Credit card terminals don’t read EV1 tags.

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I will be able to clone another card with the amount already recorded and just my card write another card source ?

Did you know anything about this program?

EV1 cards are not clonable. Unless you already know the cryptographic keys that are on the card, you aren’t going to be able to read the data on the card.

Most systems do not store money on the card. They are just used to identify you, The “money” is stored on a server. Even if you cloned the care, you aren’t going to get any free money.

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To be fair there are such applications as “stored value cards”, which do in fact keep the balance on the card itself… these kinds of applications are typically low risk / low cost operations like laundry services, and even some transit systems that don’t have connected busses or taxis… but as @turbo2ltr said… the DESFire EV1 chip is cryptographically secured, which means you aren’t going to be able to access the data in the card to modify it (add stored value) or clone it (copy to another card).