MIFARE DESFire EV1 Hotel Staff Key

I work in a hotel and I frequently use my fob to open guest room doors, staff only doors as well as access Vingcard to program guest and staff cards, I have admin privileges. When we first got the system installed I asked the installer about why kind of cards they use and the possibility of finding an implant but he was kinda an asshole about it and didn’t give me any details.

I tried to do a little research at first but couldn’t figure out what would work so I just took my key fob apart and implanted the chip and antenna into my Apple Watch band. It worked great but as it’s a 1st gen Apple Watch, I want to replace it and thought I would look into an implant again.

This is what I found out about the fobs that we use; are there any implants available that would do the job and if there are multiple options what are the differences and additional functionality I could squeeze out of them?



Quite likely, It sounds like you would be able to enroll them into your system

I would suggest

Opps, My sausage fingers posted before I was ready…

To continue.

That FlexDF EV1 would be a direct replacement that you would then enrol into your system.

Depending on the actual system ( and you would need to do some testing, it may also work with a few other options )

To keep it simple, potentially any of the ISO14443A implants MIGHT work,
In order of likelihood


Any of the other ISO14443A

Test cards may be a good option for you to try before you buy an implant.



THANK YOU!!! Especially for the super fast reply. You personify exactly what I love about the bio hacking community!

I come from a community bio hackers that focuses on molecular biology, mostly gene editing to force cells and organisms to do extraordinary things. My knowledge of NFC and RFID is limited, I understand the concepts but not the specifics.

With that said, please forgive me if this is a noob question; would any of the ISO14443A implants be able to be programmed to be used for access control of my building (my primary goal) and also be able to be programmed to replace a credit card or be used with other devices at the same time or are they single application devices? I’m happy to do specific research on it but just wanted to ask before I jump down that rabbit hole.


Yeah, it is quite deep with a few twists and turns. So here you go

This is where the test cards would be useful because it comes down to the actual security system and what it is “Looking for”.

If the access needs to be specifically DesFire EV1 and an ID Number ( UID )
Then that’s what you will have to use, However, it might just be “happy” communicating over ISO14443A and looking for an enrolled UID…If that UID is in the system, then you get access.

Unfortunately not.
This will explain better than I ever could

If this is a goal. then depending on where you live in the world, then you may have options ( It just wont be with the same implant.

Generally not, The DESFire chips can have applets on them to do many things, they are often used in public transport systems etc.
Infact, that just gave me an idea :bulb: I will come back to it at the bottom
So if you knew what you were doing you could install your own applet, OR what a lot of people do, is write NDEF data to them ( NDEF NFC Data Exchange Format ) eg. This is how your phone can read and write to some Chips, more on this shortly. now.

If you were to download




TagWriter allows you to write a bunch of datasets, a lot of people use it for business card sharing, but there are other options alsoeg.

So here was my idea :bulb:
Make sure NFC is turned on, on your phone
Open TagInfo
Scan your cards ( specifically transport if you have one ) Not money cards
Check for yourself or If you can share screenshots of the IC INFO Page

What we are looking for is a few options
Such as

Then, if you have access to you security system, swipe one of those cards and see if it registers ( It wont give you access…yet )
If you can get it/them to register, then we can tell you what implants will be compatible… and in the meantime, you may be able to access doors with your library card :wink:


I hope that all makes sense, I didn’t want to get too technical too soon and scare you off.

We / I can explain it further as we go.

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Thank you, those seem like some good starting points for further research. I’ll order the test cards and start exploring all the possibilities before I start cutting myself open. I truly appreciate all of your help :smiley:

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So I received my test cards from KSEC and none of them seemed to work, my Director of Security wasn’t even able to get them to scan :frowning:

I did a little more digging, quite literally inside one of the key fobs to find out what kind of chips we are using and I found out they have the MIFARE MF1ICS70. Is there an implant that is compatible with this chip?

classic S70 4k chip… so far no there is not any implant version of this…



i think i literally had one… one was made… back when i could get ligit mifare S50 and S70 chips from nxp…

let me do some digging…

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You are awesome, if you still have it I’d love to buy it from you!

Otherwise, if you are able to take on some custom work I’d be happy to send the ones I’ve been able to take out of the fobs I got from Assa Abloy back when I was trying to stick them in my watch band. They’re pretty chonky though if I remember correctly.

If you’re company is still based in Seattle and you don’t mind driving a couple hours north, I’d even be happy to put up for a night at my resort if you want to test it out.


What an offer…

I am of course offering to pay for all time and efforts on top of a comp night at a seaside resort. I apologize if my offer came off insulting.

I think* he was being serious that it’s a nice offer

I had a whole thread where I was just
“…wait… are you making fun of me?”
“…are you being sarcastic when you say you’re not?, and I’m just not catching the joke?”


I can’t seem to find it unfortunately :confused: … I am checking my “deep storage” unit next week and I’ll take a gander around for it.

An alternative would be to convert a S70 4k card IC or maybe convert one of the fob chips into a narrow flex implant? Are you game for that? It would only be the chip part, we would use our own new antenna for that… so it’s not putting an entire keyfob under your skin or anything.

Nice! DM me the details?

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Yeah, What @Eriequiet said.
I genuinely think that is an awesome offer
and so does Amal by the sounds of it.

Sorry if I came off as sarcastic :peace_symbol:

An alternative would be to convert a S70 4k card IC or maybe convert one of the fob chips into a narrow flex implant? Are you game for that? It would only be the chip part, we would use our own new antenna for that… so it’s not putting an entire keyfob under your skin or anything.

Yes, I would so be down for that! Would it also be possible to integrate one of your LED Field detectors into the same implant, let me know if that request is just too extra. Also will the final implant come pre sterilized and if not would it survive being autoclaved or should I look into alternative sterilization methods?

I genuinely think that is an awesome offer
and so does Amal by the sounds of it.

I apologize for misunderstanding, I’m a little socially awkward.

Nice! DM me the details?

DM coming shortly :smiley:

This is really for Amal to answer for you, but to make you aware he is trying to source a more suitable replacement for the current “NFC LED Nails”

It is likely it will come in a little vial soaked in ChloroHex
looking something like this ( maybe with a Blinkie :man_shrugging:t3: )

(thanks for the photo @Eriequiet :wink:

or with a blinkie maybe like this

Thanks Amal for photo
FYI, with a blinkie (current design) it may be a bit large to do with jus a needle install.

Really no need to apologise, if anything the brevity of my 4 word message was to blame
You’re all good in my book :+1: