Mifare Desfire EV2 implant, getting no connection


I got a Mifare Desfire EV2 implant in my left hand some weeks ago. The hand looks great, no pain and swelling any more.
However, I can’t connect to it with any NFC-App on different NFC-enabled phones (iOS and Android).
How can I find out whether the chip is broken?
What should I do next?

Thank you for some hints!



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Hey @psylux

What Android phone are you trying to use? Orientation is critical to get a good coupling, even for the flex series implants. You’ll also probably want to install an app like TagWriter and try to read it with that so that the NFC is constantly polling. I don’t think anything will just pop up on the screen without an app until you’ve written a record to the tag (like a URL).

Give up on the iPhone until you’ve got it working on the Android device.