Mifare RFID clone

Hello everyone, i am new to all of this cloning and i was wondering if i could clone my gym membership card. I used some app to scan it but i dont know what all of that means. Can anyone help me i can also read id and share it here. Thanks

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Use this

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Do you have any test cards?
Do you have any tools to read and write with? Proxmark3, Flipper Zero etc?

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Use the search function. There are plenty of posts and videos on how to clone mifare and how to identify if your card is clonable. If you’re new to nfc then maybe you need to research and learn about rfid instead of just coming here and asking how to clone a card.

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You are correct, the search function does work well

You are again correct, but it is also a difficult topic to get your head around if you’re not that way inclined, and could be tricky to know where to start, but your comment reminded me, I should have given some basic starting points.

Here’s a good starting poing for ya’

It is focussed on implants, but the tech is the same



Hello, yes i used that software. But i cant upload it, i uploaded it on another website and here is the link: https://file.io/MP1NGfKy3xIN

Also, i dont have any tools like flipperzero or anything, i am ready to buy because i want to get in the section. Also i watched some youtube videos about rfid and also im Student at a IT school. Thanks for any help

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We are going to need a little more info to help you out.

I just ugraded your user level so you should be able to share images.
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Try sharing the TagInfo again

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That looks pretty promising.

It would have been good to see all the sectors.
If you were to buy a Mifare Classic 1k gen2 card for a couple of bucks
and then use an app called MCT
There is a good chance you can easily make a copy of your card.

IF you are interested in delving into the world of RFID, DangerousThings sell a test card pack which happens to include a Mifare Classic 1k gen2 card

IF you are interested in delving into the world of implants, having a test card pack will be extremely beneficial.

A couple of compatible implants would be


So I’m going to throw you a bone and teach you how to start fishing rather than just asking for the fish.

So first what you are doing is identifying the card. Aside from a proxmark, Taginfo is your second most reliable tool for identifying the type of chip. What you are looking at is a 4 byte uid mifare s50 card, possible clone rather than an original manufacturer issued card.

Mifare chips mostly come in flavours of 4 or 7 byte uids and 1kb or 4kb memories. S50 are 1kb memory chips and S70 are 4kb memory chips.

Now without seeing the rest if the sectors, I’m going to assume that they’re not encrypted. The manufacturers signature looks to have been written with a default filler (I could be wrong here) which is why first impressions are that the gym are using a cheap off the shelf writer and possibly using a uid only ident system. This is only confirmed by seeing the rest of the sectors.

And don’t forget the big D. Datasheets. These are good reading material to understand the structures of nfc chip.

Also since you have android phone, a good cheap way of getting into researching nfc tags is to pick up a pn532 reader which should work on the usb otg for your phone.


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These are the rest of the sectors and the more you write the more i learn, like yesterday i didnt know nothing but now i already understand alot, thanks


Sector 4 and 5 shows there is encrypted data, so they are using more than just uid only system. Download MCT (mifare classic tool) as Pilgrimsmaster advised, either from play store or f-droid repository. Default keys are FF FF FF FF FF FF, hence why there are readable by Taginfo. Keys A and B are non default so they will need cracking.

This old presentation will shed some light on mifare vulnerabilities and how their keys became crackable.

MCT has a read keys function and the keys dictionary will crack about 90% of mifare keys you come across. You will then have the option to save, export dump files etc. You can then copy the dump file to a gen2 card.

I think that should be enough to get you started. Everytime you don’t manage to get it to crack or clone, you learn something else new along the way.

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I’m seeing this more and more… commercial use of magic chips instead of legit mifare chips. I think your gym card is a magic gen2 chip. This is how all my magic gen2 chips come from the factory;

So odd.


Yeah I meant to address this when i saw the manufacturer signature was non existent. I saw a lot of this in SE Asia. I noticed with the release of gen4 magic cards, gen2 prices dropped significantly. Either this and / or a lack of knowledge from the purchasing staff i e. Cheapest option.

Ohh i see yes that gen2 cards are cheap. I found some on aliexpress :

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
€1.27 | 1pcs CUID GEN2 UID changeable nfc card block0 mutable writeable for s50 13.56Mhz nfc chinese magic card Support Android App MCT

It says it can be written my the mobile app and its 1.27eur per blank card. Soo i suppose i can order like 5 - 10 of them because if i broke any card and just read that sectors in the screenshots and write the info to the new card? Or what should i do at the current stage, because i dont want to invest alot at the start.

Are you good to proceed? Looks like you managed to read the keys. So presumably you have saved the dump for the meantime until you get some Gen2 cards to write to? Maybe just get two or three cards for testing and in case of bricking. But you may end up with a MOQ of five or ten cards.

Some reading material on gen1a vs gen2 cards and bricking / unbricking.

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Yes, i am ready. Will order 5 of them cards because its the MOQ. When they arrive i will update you all. Also yes , i saved the info.

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