Migrating chip questions

Hi all,
I pulled the trigger and got my first two implants!

I got a NExT in P0 on the left hand and a
Xmagic in P0 on the right hand.

The NExT has settled and seems to be right up against the metacarpal of the pointer finger (left hand). But doesn’t hurt. And seems to be fine.
They can be up against a bone just not over it right??

The Xmagic has turned almost 45 degrees and seems to hurt whenever I do anything. I’ve tried to reposition it by hand with no luck. And I’m having a bit of pain in that hand. Especially when I do anything that touches it.

It looks like the Xmagic has enough room to not hit anything if it’ll settle?
Wanted to ask the hive mind what they thought.

I’ve scanned both with the flipper and both read fine.
The Xmagic is quite prominent comparitively. I’ll take pics. With lines to show position.

Ps. I just got them in 6 days ago.

you were a slow convert.
Now I wait for my commission from Amal :rofl:
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Regarding your implants, The both look fine to me, and as @invalid_signal mentioned below, they will be tender for a little while yet



Touching my implants hurt for a bit while healing so I don’t think that’s a big deal since it’s only 6 days post install. For the 45° rotation, I had my xSIID in P0 rotate damn near 90° and a little backwards and close to a bone. I never tried to reposition it, but it’s been completely fine for me. It stopped moving and found it’s happy place.


Once it heals up in a few weeks, then if it’s still causing issues with range of motion, then it may need to be removed and reinserted.


Congrats @heliloo
You’re running the same setup as I do - next in L0 and xmagic in R0
If you try to reposition the xMagic, does it move to new position and then moves back, or it doesn’t move at all? I am asking because if it moves( to it’s original install position), there is a way to force it to stay there.
Feeling mild pain/discomfort is normal on recent installs. When implant is installed the needle is rupturing the fascia layer between your skin and the underlying muscle. Also, because the implant has cylindrical shape and it’s made of glass and has no anti migration coating, it can move around, till the tissues heals. In case it’s pushed it can migrate.
Your best bet would be to push the xmagic to it’s original position, then use lollie pop sticks or rolled cotton pads or something else and fix this to the skin with some med tape. This should hold the implant in place till tissue heals.
Few more things, some folks here take some food supplements to speed up the healing process. You can look around about this. Me personally I am taking a liquified collagen, vit c, plus folic acid.
As Amal mentioned, unfortunately if anything above does not help and implant continues to cause you trouble, you may want to consider reinstall. I have no freaking idea how it can be sterilised before reinstall thou.


I figured out the pain I’ve been having is from the capsule pushing against the metacarpal of my R pointer finger whenever I flex the hand or touch anything or basically just most of the time…

So, yes, I’m able to move it a bit.
Not back to it’s original position.
But farther towards the thumb.
Away from the metacarpal it’s been hitting.

And yes, it moves right back.

So I’ve put tape to help keep it from shifting back.
And a piece of string under tape to do the same. The string seems to be holding it ok.

And I got some prenatal vitamins. And then seem to have lost them after taking about 6. I’ll look again tomorrow.

Hopefully this holds it in place and it can settle away from the metacarpal and live a happy life :grin:

Thanks for all the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha, well, you Did work for it!!


Ok, good to know.
I’m hoping securing it a bit farther away from the metacarpal will fix the issue :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

Good to know, thanks!
Hopefully it’ll settle and maybe when it gets encased it’ll give it a bit of a buffer from the metacarpal. :crossed_fingers:

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Generally what’s done is a toothpick or similar object placed and taped down to sort of block the implant from moving back… like a corral of sorts.

I used a small piece of quite thin climbing type rope it looks like.

Maybe 3/16" x 1" (sorry for the fractions @Pilgrimsmaster :joy:)

It seems to be helping a lot.
I’ll see what happens tomorrow.
If it’ll just encapulate a little away from the metacarpal I think all will be well.


For Everything!!