Migration and red spot

Hello all, I got a NExT implant on 12/16/23 (today is 12/27/23). I got it installed by a tattoo shop I found on DT’s map. Yesterday was the first day i was actually able to feel the implant with my other hand. I got it installed in L0 but the chip is almost 90 degrees to the injection site. I have no pain but I’ve also have a red spot for the last few days.

I’m not super worried but I wanted to see what other’s thoughts.

Is there something I can do to help migrate it back?

Also I’ve only been able to read LF once two days after I got it installed

I’m wouldn’t worry about it’s position… sometimes chips will rearrange themselves however they want and it’s not crossing any bones or impeding your range of motion.

What I’m not so hot about is the redness around the area and the look of the scanning at the incision site. Is the red area sensitive to the touch? Does it hurt at all? Is is warm or hot when you feel the red area?

A very small amount of pain when pressing on it and its not hot. It is firm. I was also easily able to move the chip with no pain

Ive also been taking 10,000 mcg of biotin and 100 mcg of keratin to help with healing

I would not rule out infection and i would never recommend the shop I went to.

They had some of the worst sterilie process I’ve ever seen from a “professional”

Looking back I work the surgery department at a hospital and should have asked a doc to do it. I drove 4.5 hours to have it done at a shop and they had a paper plate they sat the injector on before installing. I also didn’t notice until they opened the injector that they didn’t even have shoes on.

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Check DMs please :pleading_face:



Ummm, WTF…
Theres even a drape included in the NExT kit.
anyway, at least you are one of us now.

looking forward to the updates

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Sorry to hear about the shitty install experience!

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So would you suggest going to get antibiotics?

At this point that’s probably overkill. If it gets worse, definitely seek medical attention. So, if it gets bigger, more sensitive / painful, puss starts leaking from the incision area, the scab gets worse looking, etc.