Migration of x series implants

Hi, I got an xSLX implant recently, and it has migrated decently close to my thumb metacarpal. Is this safe or should I just remove it?

can you take a photo and illustrate
entry point
initial position
current position
and your nearest bones to it.

this will give us a better idea of what we are looking at…

My xM1 did the same thing. If your implant is in the same location as mine, it should probably be fine. Obviously it’s not the most ideal location, but most of the time if it’s not touching a bone there shouldn’t be a reason to remove it.

My xM1 location


Circled is my xSLX implant, and the lines are where index and thumb metacarpal is. It’s very close, and pretty sore but that’s because I was trying to reposition it (I know bad idea you don’t have to tell me)

Here is mine for comparison. Both appear around the same distance from the bone as yours. Id say yours looks OK too imo, but that’s just me🤷


It’s typical to experience soreness after a fresh install/manipulating it to reposition it. But keep an eye on it just in case

Ok thank you, I think I’ll keep it in for 30 days, let it build up those fibers again, then go from there

If the black line is the edge of the bone not the middle, then it looks like it should be fine, It actually looks like you have enough space to put another one parallel to that one.

What I would say though

corral and supplements !!!

take prenatals and corral the xSLX in place with an external splint (matches / toothpicks or similar) and tape it down tight whilst it settles into its new home…