Migration Worries - Or Not?

Howdy Community!

Long time lurker / biohacker (got the very first gen chip Amal put out, probably 15 years ago now, believe it was the EM4100 with the Phidget board!) first time poster. Multiple implants in left hand, never an issue!

Curious for thoughts / Comments : I’ve recently had the NeXT installed in my right hand, and over the past 2 years it’s slowly been migrating towards the joint between my thumb and index finger ( photos attached ) - While I’m not experiencing any pain, I can often feel it rubbing against the bone…

Is there any potential issue with that ‘eroding’ the glass / protective coating, and if so : what dangers would that pose - any potential issues I could have with my finger bones? or am I just good to-go.

Open to any thoughts! Thanks so much!


All the pictures essentially show black for me?

You can see clearly the implant and the bones.
Maybe your screen settings?


Migration is only an issue if

  • the implant is moving vertically through layers of tissue

  • it’s impeding range of motion

  • it’s resting over bone such that it poses a risk being trapped between bone and an external blunt force trauma that could crack the glass

Do you feel it’s a risk?

How does this show?

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These show great.
I can actually see the others now. Though much darker.

My bad. Thanks.

@amal - Great question:

So as an update - I have been experiencing some pain - I got back from a surgeon today.
He was equally as shocked as I’m sure you are!

What was nice is he didn’t ask me any silly questions and is actually familiar with the community which was nice, -however- it has migrated from the webby part of my hand to land on top of my radial nerve, so while it hasn’t been moving upwards (or outwards) it has been sliding towards my wrist and is now pinching.

He had specifically mentioned that Scar Tissue should prevent its movement and this is like a ‘1 in 1000’ case of it not healing fast enough and moving - even though this one is old…

Sadly, this will be a surgery next week to have it removed fail - however I will do my best to video it and share with the community! As well this will not sour my future endeavors!