Minor getting chip implant in UK or self implant

Does anyone know whether it is possible for a minor to get a chip implanted in the uk I have contacted two places listed on the partner map that are close to me and both only do 18+ for implants.
My second option is self implant if anyone has any tips or useful guides on self implants then I would really appreciate it.

In case anyone wants to know I am gonna get an NExT and use it mainly for locks and passwords when I get a car I will see whether I could take apart the key and bridge the pins on the unlock button when the chip is read by a reader.

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I guess you should find someone who installs it if your parents allow it.
I do not think you should do it yourself, but the guide above should help.

There are videos of self installs on youtube, but you shouldn’t take them as tutorial, but rather build your knowledge over time. Here are 2 videos I watched (I didn’t self install my NExT btw):


I am in the process of asking more people such as those listed on ksec but so far have not gotten a reply.
just seen your edit thanks I will look at those videos and also on top of that read the guide hat is listed on the website self implanting is a last resort but its slowly becoming less daunting I am however confused on how to tent the skin I will try and look it up.


Just don’t rush the decision, I hope you’ll find someone.

You’ll probably just skip that step. It’s possible to self implant alone, without tenting the skin.
The second video shows how it could look. I also suggest just surfing the forum for some time, you’ll find a lot of tips and other videos!


Thanks a lot :smiley:
I have lots of time to wait I guess 2 months at the least.


If you’re in the UK. We’ve got a specific partner map for UK installers.


KSEC is DTs UK distributor.

You’ll want to check with our partners but also if you’re wanting an implant and an installation you’ll be able to get the discount with any implant alongside an installation :slight_smile:

Age can be an issue for sure but if you’re not far off 18 then by the time lockdown is over in full you might be ok.

Recent legal wranglings (the dipshits jailed Dr Evil in Wolverhampton despite fully signed consent forms) have made a lot of the body mod community in the UK a bit more…twitchy about taking on work. So it’s really unlikely you’ll find a reputable place to implant anyone under 18. Even where I got mine done (the guy has an implant himself) asked me to keep it quiet and not film it just to be safe, and I’m in my 30s.

You might get lucky and find someone willing to do it on the snide.

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