Missing username edit button

What happened to the username edit button, Am I missing something, Is this a glitch?

I don’t think you can change your Username, only your Avatar and email address ( plus your optional name )
I checked mine also, and No Go.

StandBy, Researching…
I just checked the Discourse Forum and…

If site settings allow it, you can change it at … . As long as you’ve not been @mentioned in posts, there are no complications.

it sounds like it can be done, but some links may be affected???
If it can be changed, I think only Amal would be able to…

Here is where I found the info

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Thank you.

Nah, I ain’t gonna bug him, he’s to busy with his company, the Apex line, family, and whatever else he’s secretly working on.


I’d just like to bother him about the secret projects lol


Right, its soooooooo tempting.

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