Month old tag - love it!

Hi, new guy here. Figured I’d do a bit of an intro/showcase of what I’ve done so far.

I put an xNT in my hand a little over a month ago (DIY) and so far haven’t had any issues with it (other than freaking out people who I tell about it). I’ve written custom code for an Uno R3 (yes, an Uno) to emulate a keyboard and type out my password when I wave my hand over it. Look into HoodLoader 3 if you want to do something similar - it basically hijacks the tiny 16u2 chip to be able to run its own sketches.

Eventually I want to add an NFC reader into my car to unlock it by waving my hand near it - although read range could be an issue so I’ll see. It’s all going to be part of a bigger car hacking project with a custom blackbox/remote start/lojack/smart home integration module. At some point too I’ll be getting an xEM so I can roll into work and just wave my hand to get in. I also do security system installs on the side and it’ll be super nice not having to get out my keys when I need to program a client site - I can just wave my hand over it. Just need to get a Proxmark first.

I love the chip, a lot of my friends do, and some even want to get one themselves! I really hope they do.

I’ll post some more when I get some other stuff going with the chip.


Welcome to the club! I’m looking forward to seeing more posts about your projects :slight_smile: