Multiple FlexNT questions

Hi everyone,

I am planning on getting a FlexNT installed soon and I am wondering whether I would be able to protect it using the Dangerous NFC app. It says in the app that it is intended for the xNT and does not mention anything else.

Also, does anyone know the difference between the FlexNT and the FlexDF? I saw a forum post on it a few months ago where Amal said he would make a video about the differences but I don’t think he has since I can’t find it.

Another thing, I noticed that Amal has his FlexNT installed in his left hand (i am assuming he is right-handed), I was thinking of getting my FlexNT installed in the same location but in the middle finger and on my dominant (right) hand, does anyone have any experience with having their chip installed on their dominant hand/middle finger and how it could affect writing and other extra activities that may be hindered by having it in my dominant hand?

Thanks, Chris

I have the flexNT in my left forearm - it is the perfect place.

What do you use the tag for primarily? My main use will be access to doors, my car, NFC locked drawers etc. which I have already built. In the forearm, it seems like it would be difficult to place the tag next to vertically mounted scanners on the side of a door for example. Do you find that difficult at all?

Unlocking my phone and my computer , sharing my vcard.
At the moment it isn’t possible to get a door lock :frowning: and unlocking my car is a dream - the problem is who can modify my car - I don’t have friends who can do it.

Just learned about Vcards! That is a great idea for tag use. Thanks!