Multiple Implants at once

wanting to get a biomagnet implant and an rfid transponder in both hands closest place on partner map that will do it is an 8 hour drive for me! Is it safe to get all these implants at once or would i have to worry about anything?

There should be no significant increase in risk by getting multiple things done at the same time. As always, the biggest risk is contamination of the installation, so just be sure the installer takes their time and is careful.

Thanks so much can’t wait to get my first implants. So excited!

I got on the 14th of February a magnet in the left ringfinger and in the left forehand the flexNT. (in Germany - I got both implants from a very good bodymod in Germany - I wasn’t allowed to make pictures)

On the 17th of February I got the xEM in the other hand :slight_smile: Partner from DT

In July I did it again, I got in the left hand the xBT and the flexDF :slight_smile: Partner from DT

What I can recommand is take something to drink with you (Coke or other sweet limonade) Which magnet will you get?

planning to get the sensing magnet from DT! Planning on a XEM in both hands the magnet in the right hand ring finger and a FLEXNT or FLEXDF havent decided yet but getting that on top of left hand somewhere on the back of the hand!

I’m also waiting that the DT magnets will come back :slight_smile: Getting a second magnet could be intresting.

I have the flexDF on the site of the left hand after the pimkie and the flexNT on the left forehand.

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