Multitool Cyberpunk Necklace

It is an organite necklace originally, it has the 13.56 mhz high frequency and 125 khz low frequency field detector from dangerous things, sim-card needle opener, nfca mifare-ultralight, ndef NXP Ntag 213 password protected, 4GB samsung 1Rx8 PC3L ram, Carbon fibre strings.

Ultimate Cyberpunk Necklace 8gb ssd ram, Rfid/NFC chip, XSIID, XEM, Carbon fiber strings, Organite - YouTube

What does the organite, 4GB samsung 1Rx8 PC3L ram, and Carbon fibre strings do?

Carbon fibre is the necklace strings they are stronger, 4GB samsung ram is extra ram I install and use anytime to a computer or laptop.

I think that it’s mostly to make it look more cyberpunk in a way. A necklace something that’s usually worn for aesthetics. Although I’d be careful with loose carbon fiber strands and skin, the stuff can develop some extremely sharp ends in a similar way to asbestos.

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