Musing about my future first implant

Hey DT people. I’ve been hanging around and doing some research for a while now after owning a Flipper Zero and learning about magnetic implants just so happened to converge here. I’ve looked at the various community projects (the android app and the Pico look awesome!) and I’ve thought a lot about someday getting some hardware of my own. Well, now I finally have one. Check it out:

(Old-fashioned refrigerator for demonstrative purposes only.)

My first implant was gonna be a NExT, but given the current Titan shortage and my dream of having the best possible sensing experience, I finally decided to just go for it. Now all I need to do is get it installed… I am fortunate enough to live within traveling distance of a partner installer (red pin on the map) but I’ve never been to such a place before and I’m a little uncertain of how to meet them and tell them that I’d like to get this magnet in my finger, please. (Are partners generally familiar with the Titan or should I expect to have to pitch it?) Their sign outside mentions body mods, but implants aren’t listed on their online appointment services (probably because it’s niche and their customers would need to order them first) so I’m guessing I’d want to call them and make an appointment to talk it over.

Time is another factor. I drive for a living so I was thinking about planning this around when I’d be able to get at least a few consecutive days off, just so it gets a better chance to rest and heal up. The next time for this would probably be in January, so I either meet the installer now and say “great, see you in January” or I wait until it’s closer and try not to think about it too much until then. I also have a ring on my traditional “non-dominant ring finger” install location that isn’t easy to remove, so I might go with the fingertip on my right hand instead and hope that the healing process goes well/fast enough for it to not be a problem.

Just for the record, I still feel just the tiniest bit crazy even considering an implant and I could technically still back off and resell it, but I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place unless I really wanted to experience life with it.


Once you get it in, you won’t regret it, and you’ll start planning the next ones :sweat_smile:


I feel it’s always best to call and confirm beforehand just so they can either say “Yeah that won’t be a problem” or “Let me look more into that and get back to you”

I got my Titan last Sunday but spoke to the partner I wanted to install it long before then (back in late May) to make sure they could do it. Most bodymod artists love what they do and have no problem waiting until the time is right for you to get it taken care of. It’s a big step to take but in my opinion, well worth it!


I by no means want you to sell it, I want you to enjoy that awesome magnet! Hopefully finding an installer goes well! Would love to see a video if the installer allows and you’re comfortable with it!
However, if you were to resell it…has anyone called dibs? If not DIBS! :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely not planning on selling mine. There’s probably not going to be any footage of the actual install, though, unless someone else is there to take it. The lizard brain is strong and doesn’t like sharp and pointy things, so I’ll probably have my eyes closed and be focusing on breathing for any mods that I get. :sweat_smile:

If you’re not looking you won’t even realize the needle went in! Trust the forum when they say implants don’t hurt much. Unless it’s a finger magnet. Those are no fun.

Like, my Titan for instance? :rofl: Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to having more or less no fun during the install. But it’ll be worth it to have the best possible magnetic sensing considering the conversion rate between magnetic and tactile senses.

It’s quite possible that I’ll get a NExT later this year and get it installed first, just to get familiar with the installer and build a little history before getting to the complicated stuff. Probably won’t even bother with painkillers for anything x-series, since I’ll just need to hold still for a few moments for it to be done.

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