Mutiple xG3 in one hand

Im looking at getting a couple of xG3 bio magents in my ponter and ring fingers. If i get the axial in one and the diometric in the other will they interfer with each other? Im not sure if they would be too close and im looking for the biosensing from one and also the lifting from the other. Has anyone else had this done or any advise on wht im looking to do? thanks in advance

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For sensing applications you really want a Titan instead.
I thinkk the xg3 v2 is considered the better lifting magnet.

As long as you keep them separated while healing I dont see an issue with it. But my magnets are in opposite hands. You might hear shortly from someone with more ahem first hand experience.

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I have an xG3v1 in my middle finger and a v2 in my thumb. Here’s a picture of how close they need to get before I feel them interact.


@The13Beast thanks very much for the pic that really helps :slight_smile:

@ODaily thanks for the advise. I would love a titan but i can not find any local installers for a normal implant let alone a titan :frowning: thankfully i have found an installer on a business trip that can do it, saves me self implanting again.