My chip don't work

Ah yeah so it’s not looking good. The only other thing I would try at this point is some of the special recovery commands for.tbr t5577;

I see. I’ve tried the commands from the bricked T5577 page 4 times over. In the best positions from lf tune and no luck I’m afraid.

Hmm bummer. Ok if you reply to your order confirmation email it will create a ticket. Mention this forum thread and we’ll get you a replacement shipped out ASAP… Assuming that’s what you want to do. Otherwise we can offer you a full refund. Let me know how we can make this right.

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Hi. I’ve got a bad xEM RFID Chip. And I want a replacement. I was told to mention this thread My chip don't work - #18 by amal

I have received your ticket. We will ship you a replacement NExT unit, if you are ok with that.


Free upgrade…Awesome


Thank you for all the great support and NExT is awsome. I will keep you updated how it goes.

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I’ve got my NExT RFID- NFC implant now. But still no reading with proxmark3. Can’t read implant or the keyfobs that I’ve got. I can read NFC with my phone. Could it be the proxmark3 that’s borked? I get a good value drop with lf tune attach a picture.

What version of firmware and client are you using?

Tried an update today. Nothing new. Also tried the windows version without luck.

  8888888b.  888b     d888  .d8888b.   
  888   Y88b 8888b   d8888 d88P  Y88b  
  888    888 88888b.d88888      .d88P  
  888   d88P 888Y88888P888     8888"  
  8888888P"  888 Y888P 888      "Y8b.  
  888        888  Y8P  888 888    888  
  888        888   "   888 Y88b  d88P 
  888        888       888  "Y8888P"    [ ☕ ]

  [ Proxmark3 RFID instrument ]

    MCU....... AT91SAM7S512 Rev A
    Memory.... 512 KB ( 60% used )

    Client.... Iceman/master/v4.16191-421-gf17ce1fd6 2023-05-28 15:52:09
    Bootrom... Iceman/master/v4.16191-421-gf17ce1fd6 2023-05-28 15:52:00 
    OS........ Iceman/master/v4.16191-421-gf17ce1fd6 2023-05-28 15:52:08 
    Target.... PM3 GENERIC
[usb] pm3 --> hw ver

 [ Proxmark3 RFID instrument ]

  Iceman/master/v4.16191-421-gf17ce1fd6 2023-05-28 15:52:09 51be408f7
  compiled with............. GCC 11.3.0
  platform.................. Linux / x86_64
  Readline support.......... present
  QT GUI support............ present
  native BT support......... present
  Python script support..... present
  Lua SWIG support.......... present
  Python SWIG support....... present

  firmware.................. PM3 GENERIC

 [ ARM ]
  bootrom: Iceman/master/v4.16191-421-gf17ce1fd6 2023-05-28 15:52:00 51be408f7
       os: Iceman/master/v4.16191-421-gf17ce1fd6 2023-05-28 15:52:08 51be408f7
  compiled with GCC 10.3.1 20210621 (release)

 [ FPGA ] 
  LF image 2s30vq100 2023-05-24 14:12:56
  HF image 2s30vq100 2023-05-26 19:50:53
  HF FeliCa image 2s30vq100 2023-05-24 14:12:58
  HF 15 image 2s30vq100 2023-05-24 14:12:57

 [ Hardware ]
  --= uC: AT91SAM7S512 Rev A
  --= Embedded Processor: ARM7TDMI
  --= Internal SRAM size: 64K bytes
  --= Architecture identifier: AT91SAM7Sxx Series
  --= Embedded flash memory 512K bytes ( 60% used )

If you place your proxmark3 on wood or non-metal surface and run hw tune what do you get?

[usb] pm3 --> hw tune
[=] ---------- Reminder ------------------------
[=] `hw tune` doesn't actively tune your antennas,
[=] it's only informative.
[=] Measuring antenna characteristics, please wait...
 🕛   9
[=] ---------- LF Antenna ----------
[+] LF antenna: 25.92 V - 125.00 kHz
[+] LF antenna: 21.23 V - 134.83 kHz
[+] LF optimal: 26.38 V - 126.32 kHz
[+] Approx. Q factor (*): 6.6 by frequency bandwidth measurement
[+] Approx. Q factor (*): 7.7 by peak voltage measurement
[+] LF antenna is OK
[=] ---------- HF Antenna ----------
[+] HF antenna: 14.99 V - 13.56 MHz
[+] Approx. Q factor (*): 4.4 by peak voltage measurement
[+] HF antenna is OK

(*) Q factor must be measured without tag on the antenna

[+] Displaying LF tuning graph. Divisor 88 (blue) is 134.83 kHz, 95 (red) is 125.00 kHz.

I dunno this seems ok… so odd you’re not getting reads even for your key fobs? What are the fobs? Are they T5577? Have they been programmed yet?

My bad! Thanks for hanging with me. I thought the LF/HF XFD was some kind of smaller key fobs. But I’ve got reading on a door key fob I have, so that’s weird. Tried different usb ports too, usb 2 and usb 3 another cable and nothing changes. I saw this post and wonder about his high numbers around 70 V LF and sometimes HF antenna going hairwire in recent master revision · Issue #819 · RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3 · GitHub

Could you re-word this!?
Or, is this what you are saying below?

You thought the xFD’s were key fobs

You tried an lf read and `hf read’ on your proxmark and got no results, then you also tried an actual key fob and got a reading?
Is that correct?
If so, thats not weird, that is expected

If you mean, You tried the xFD’s and realised they would work ( except to maybe illuminated the LED )
Then you tried an actual key fob and got a reading!
Then you tried your NExT and could not get a reading, and you think that is weird?
If this is the case, I would ask a couple of things and suggest a couple of things?

The key fob you successfully scanned, was that HF or LF?
You only just got sent your NExT to replace your “Failed” xEM
The recent testing you have done on your new NExT, has that been installed? If so, how many days ago was it installed?
For an xSeries implant, we wouldn’t expect to see good reliable reads until after the 2 week mark, and it looks like you only recieved your NExT 3 days ago.
Are you trying to read your NExT through your skin or have you just ejected it from the needle? ( Hopefully not trying to read it IN the needle )
Did you remove you xEM? if so, you could do some really good testingwith your Proxmark

  • It appears your proxmark is working ( Reading other Fobs )
  • Your xEM wouldn’t read, your NExT won’t read!? The chances of 2 implants not reading is highly unlikely.

The only thing left is you and something you are doing / not doing. But don’t worry, you are not the first person to struggle getting reads off a Proxmark, she’s a fickle bitch, but once you learn how to handle her, you will have no more issues.

Hopefully we can get your sorted, but we will need to get some more answers FROM you, before we can GIVE you more.

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The key fob was lf search “EM410x ID found”.
The NExT is in place and yes it’s not many days but I get a good value drop on lf tune from 26000 to 17127mV as you can see in previous post the key fob value drop are just 19000 mV.
No the xEm is still in and no reading on that too.
True “The chances of 2 implants not reading is highly unlikely” but it is. Did you read about that I can read NFC with the phone on the NExT.

Maybe I should share a video again showing how I do and you can see if I’m missing something?

The difference is the reader, but great news you can read it.

Are you getting anything on the HF side with the Proxmark3?

hf search

That is good.

Have you managed to get the LED to light up on the LF xFD using the PM3?

Also, have you seen and tried this with your fault finding?

Personally, I would wait 2 weeks after install (well, thats not true, I would be checking everyday, if not, a couple of times a day just like you)

After 2 weeks have elapsed, THEN I would start to consider there is an issue with the implant.

Nothing from hf search but I’ve tried auto everytime I try lf search and nothing. Got nothing at home that can trigger HF right?
xFD, one of them light up not the otherone.
I didn’t try delay, as my brother run the commands and I focus on trying to hold my hand right.
I will wait but is there anything more I can do? I’ve also tried the “force write” to wake it up per the previous posts.

can it be the readet on the proxmark that dosent work i can find anny of my chip i order a led chip from chipster in sweden stockholm but i cannot find it whit proxmark3 to so whats wrong ??

i cant use the chips i order 2 inplant from your site on tune search it find the best tune but on auto mode in terminlan nothing. and i order 2 test 125mhz chip from from stockholm ang i cannot find them to ? should i send my pm3 back to usa so you can whats wrong white it mvh